Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Korea Day 2


On our second day, we took a ferry and spent the entire morning at Nami Island. Apparently they shot a very famous Korean show there! Well, no wonder: the whole island was a beautiful park teeming with cute animals and enchanting trees. I, being a lover of the great outdoors, relished every second in that island! (Seriously, I would really love to go camping in the mountains one of these days lol.)

We had grilled pork and chicken on the island (Korean food are just so delish!), then headed back to Seoul to do some shopping.

More tourist-y photos after the break!

IMG_0252 IMG_0233 IMG_0282 IMG_0280

My sister braided my hair and tied it with a cute bow! <3

IMG_0321 IMG_0243

Mirror shot with mom and sisters.


Mark and Spencer top
H&M jacket
Forever 21 shorts
Guess bag
Therapy boots
Peaches On Top sunnies


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