Friday, December 1, 2017

Christmas 2017 Wish List

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Wow, I can't believe it's already December! Just to make myself clear, I make wish lists for the fun of it (and not to ask anyone for anything). Looking back to a wish list I made six years back, it's interesting to see how my interests and preferences changed through time. The products I listed were mostly related to beauty and fashion-- makeup, shoes, sunglasses, nail polish, lol. This year, my list is totally different!

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Life Updates

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Some updates about me:

1. I danced in front of a lot of people-- in a panda costume no less! Oh my gosh-- I still can't believe I did it! Okay, one thing about me is I'm very bad at dancing. I guess all the zumba classes I attended paid off because the people who saw me dance said I did good. I still get embarrassed thinking about it. Lol.

2. Arrived in Legazpi yesterday after a week long stay in Manila. My scheduled flight to Legazpi was two days ago. Everything was going smoothly until the pilot announced that we couldn't land in Legazpi because of the strong winds. We had to go back to Manila and reschedule our flight BUT the next available flight was Friday and I could no longer extend my stay in Manila because I was already gone for far too long. I decided to reroute my flight to Naga (there were available seats for the flight yesterday) and took a two hour land trip to Legazpi. It was completely exhausting. But I'm glad I made it home safe and sound!

3. Booked a trip to Harbin this December. Something to look forward to!

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Quitinday Hills

I had quite an exciting weekend two weeks ago because Ryan visited me in Legazpi *cue happy dance*! I brought him to Quitinday Hills because we were itching for an adventure. The trek was relatively easy and the view from the top was amazing. Planning to come back here with a picnic blanket, and some snacks and cold drinks in hand!

Didn't edit some of the photos because I'm too lazy to do it lol.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Achievement Unlocked: Headstand

Yup, I finally did it! Learning this pose was definitely not easy. I allotted five to ten minutes of practice (almost) every day for two weeks and even developed red spots on my face four days to my practice. I panicked for a while, searched the net, and found out that this is normal for beginners trying to do headstands (whew!). This can be remedied by breathing properly while doing the pose. 

I used to do the pose with the wall behind me as a safety net in case I fall. But after several more days of practice and after a ton of pep talk I gave myself, I mustered all my courage and tried doing it without the wall, and I survived!

My headstand is far from perfect, and I still get out of balance from time to time. But it makes me happy knowing that I can achieve anything if I put my heart and mind to it.

Sunday, September 17, 2017

A Visit from Friends

Okay-- long story short, my friends Fran and Michelle visited me in Legazpi! I haven't seen them for a long time so I was really excited to see them and show them around my hometown. So what exactly happened in the two days that they were here? 

1. Visited Sumlang Lake and enjoyed a view of the majestic Mayon Volcano
2. Tried sili ice cream at Colonial Grill
3. Went hiking up the Quitinday Hills and watched the sunset
4. Dropped by Legazpi Boulevard and drank refreshing buko juice straight from the shell
5. Did some exercise by going up Lignon Hill
6. Tried the popular fried chicken from Four Seasons 
7. Went to Cagsawa Ruins to take photos

It was physically exhausting but we sure had loads of fun! Although I've stayed in Legazpi for more than fifteen years, this was actually my first time to go to Sumlang Lake and Quitinday Hills. Thank you for the visit, Fran and Michelle!

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Althea Food Skin Love Box Review

Ever since I moved back to my hometown this January, I find myself constantly browsing online shops. In fact, one of the things I miss most about Manila is that it has everything-- from clothes, bags, makeup, skincare products, to different types of food (Japanese, Italian, Mexican, French, Mediterranean) to various fitness activities (I terribly miss doing anti-gravity yoga). Name it, and Manila has it! Lol so anyway, I have limited access to all those things now because I only fly to Manila once or twice a month. I discovered this website called Althea around the same time I moved back to my hometown. It's a website that sells Korean beauty and skincare products. Talk about perfect timing!

I first ordered from Althea early this year which you can read about here. This is my third purchase from Althea and so far I'm happy with all my purchases. This time, I got a Food Skin Love Box which included eight full-sized products.

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Blue Everything

Hi guys! Do you remember my shoot with Ben late last year? Here's another set of photos from that day. The photo above is actually my favorite ❤.

Click the button below for more photos!

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Islas de Gigantes Day 2

Naturally, we went island hopping and did some swimming on day two. Although the accommodations were humble at best, I very much enjoyed my stay here. The white sand beach was pristine! The place was very peaceful and private since there weren't a lot of people. In fact, we were the only group (well, aside from the locals) staying in the island when we visited!

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