Monday, November 26, 2012

Gold Accents

These photos were taken last October during the Philippine Fashion Week. Talk about major backlog. Anyway, this was the time when I was too lazy and couldn't think of anything to wear no matter how hard I try. Then, just before the event, an idea struck me! I remembered that I hadn't worn this jacket ever since I bought it from Joanna Ladrido's booth at the Bloggers' United 2 (Don't remember my steals at the BU2? Click here!). It was the perfect time to wear the jacket, because the baroque trend is so much in season! This was also the first time I was able to wear my peplum shorts. We usually see peplum in skirts, dresses and tops but rarely in shorts, which is why I bought it! The shorts being on sale at Php150 was definitely a plus!

My friend, Phya, told me that we should have our make up done at the L'Oreal booth. The make-up artist who did my makeup was amazing! The pictures are enough proof, don't you think? :)

Thursday, November 22, 2012

The Show

I was supposed to post this after my entry on the fashion show which I became a part of last month (this post), but I forgot. Haha. Anyway, what I wore was a sheer animal print button down over a plain spaghetti top. I wore light pieces knowing that I would be on-the-go the whole day. I was wearing a necklace with this outfit but removed it when I was having my make up done and eventually forgot to put it back on before these shots were taken. Haha. Here is another off duty look which I also wore, this time, to a photo shoot.

Last photo by George Barcarse.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Playful Meets Edgy

Been planning this look ever since I got hold of this colorful crop top from Forever 21. It's such a steal, don't you think? Instead of pairing it with equally bright colors for a summery vibe, I decided to do the unconventional by combining it with the color black as can be seen in my bag, shoes and accessories.

Did you notice my new header? My blog is now officially called 'The Glamourtini'. I've had the domain name for quite some time now and I'm planning to change my layout as well. Do you like it?  :)

Thanks to Jonan Regalario for my lovely logo and header! :)

Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Two words that describe me right now: dead tired. Just came back from the drugstore I'm having my internship in and I'm literally stopping myself from dozing off. This week was packed with work (internship), dinners with friends, church obligations, parties, going to the gym, a pictorial for our yearbook and even more things in between. Twenty four hours in a day doesn't seem to be enough. On the plus side, I love being busy and doing so many things. I enjoy the challenge and the sense of achievement in finishing all the things I have to do in a short period of time.

Okay, I think I'm getting carried away. I just wanted to share what I wore at the Super Sale Bazaar several weeks ago. I didn't have time to mix and match so I chose to wear this dress and accessorized with a belt. Also, did you notice my hair? I'm not one who knows how to fix her hair properly and this is probably one of the very few times I did with the help of the bump-its from 1721. My hair is very flat and definitely needs volume, and the bump-its did just that!

Photos by Phya Pineda.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

BDJ Fair- Fashion Show

You may have heard of the Belle de Jour Fair last month at the SM Mall of Asia Music Hall. It was a whole day event where you could choose to hear talks from different speakers or just roam around the booths and try different games and activities. The models were required to arrive at 8 am for the fashion show rehearsal. After the rehearsal, we had the rest of the day to ourselves, then we had to go back to the tent at around 3 pm for the hair and makeup. The fashion show was scheduled to be sometime between 7 pm and 9 pm. It was such a magical experience for me because this is the first time I've ever been in a fashion show. I can't quite believe it even until now. I met a lot of new friends, and had the opportunity to be styled by Sidney Yap for the fashion show. Did I mention that he owns a HUGE collection of accessories which are to die for (!!!)? Haha. Plus, I considered myself lucky for meeting Divine Lee before her talk. She was very nice and down to earth! Thank you BDJ for this wonderful experience and to Joy for coordinating the fashion show! Thanks also to the friends who supported me, who went there and watched the fashion show - Phya, Marianne and Cindylene! It meant a lot to me. :)

Photos taken by Phya and Via.