Monday, April 30, 2012

Double Trouble

Went for a super simple outfit today, the shoulder cut out top which I also wore here, paired with white pants. We attended the mass, then went straight to Omakase in Ayala Triangle for dinner. Afterwards, we chilled out a bit in Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. They have this really huge mirror which explains my reflection shots! :)

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Pretty Laid-back Life

Sometimes, I make lists whenever I feel that my thoughts are all mixed up, like the moments where I don't know where to start. They really come in handy to help me organize my mind. You should try it as well! Here's my list:

1. My dad visited us in Manila and we ate at Lugang Cafe. It was my second time to eat there. I was so hungry I was able to take photos of only the first two dishes. I didn't post the other one here 'cause it looks ugly and unappetizing. Haha.

2. Laid-back outfit for a laid-back day. I just threw in some basic pieces such as this top and jeans, wore a necklace, tied my hair in a bun (I still owe you a tutorial on this one!) and voila, I'm ready to go! This type of outfits can be worn on lazy days, when you don't feel like mixing and matching clothes.

3. Awful picture quality = iPhone! No need to elaborate on this one.

4. Did you notice my new banner on my blog? The one with, '" and a girl on the left, that's supposed to be me- after I have my hair dyed. You see, I'm planning to color my hair brunettish-blonde (is there such thing?) for a while now and I'm gonna do it real soon. To avoid needing to edit the banner, I asked to have it made originally in that color. Thanks to my sister, Tricia for the banner!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Girls' Night Out

Had a fabulous night out with my girlfriends at Greenbelt! First time we were able to go out since summer break. I'm wearing my hair extensions from 1721 (tutorial on that next time!). Don't you just love it? It makes my hair look longer and wavy in an instant! I'm also really happy about my white Lacoste bag. I can wear it anywhere- whether I'm trying to work the sporty look or even to casual nights out like this one. The size of the bag fits my taste perfectly. Currently, I'm digging bigger ones like this because I like being able to bring lots of stuff whenever I go out. What about you, what kind of bags are you into right now?

Thanks Phya for the photos! (Btw, join her blog giveaway!)

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Join Feet for a Queen's Giveaway!



Feet for a Queen will be giving away free pairs of shoes to several lucky girls! All you have to do is like their Facebook page, click on the '7000 Likes Shoes Giveaway' and fill out the form. This giveaway will only be until tomorrow so be sure to send your entries by then! I have a pair of FFAQ shoes which I blogged about here. I tried it on at home (because I haven't had the chance to wear it out) and I can truly say that it's very comfortable. The designs are very nice as well. Join join join now! Oh and in case you're wondering, I also joined. Haha. :)

Hair Accessories from 1721


Have you checked out 1721's page on faceboook? They're selling really cool hair accessories- bun makers, hair extensions, clips, ribbons and much more! They're so affordable and totally worth it! You can order online or check their Facebook page for bazaar schedules. I recommend you visit them in bazaars so you can try on the hair accessories and choose the ones you like!

(From L-R, hair extensions, perfect bun maker (bendable), hair spins, bump its (Cele-up), multipurpose pins and hair twirl) I was wearing the perfect bun maker (sponge), as well as the ribbon while taking the photo so you can't see it here.

I'll be posting tutorials real soon so watch out for it! Thanks Kat of 1721! :)

P.S. I came across this photo posted on the Candy Magazine Facebook page. I mean, OMG! I didn't know they posted this until today. What surprised me even more is the 103 likes! Thank you! :)

Monday, April 16, 2012

The Hunger Games Sunday

Who owns the house? No idea. But thanks! Really nice background for our photos. Haha. :)

Attended an outreach activity in the morning and went to Newport Mall at Resorts World with Evan and Kirsten to watch The Hunger Games. Made sure my outfit was comfortable for me to last the whole day. The heels I was wearing were the first pair of heels I ever bought and probably the most comfortable. Before, I used to wear it with everything. It's a bit old now and there are a lot of scratches and the leather is kinda peeling off but I still wear it anyway. Haha.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Candy colored nails

Painted my nails with pastel colors a week ago. Don't you just love summer colors? It's kinda messy because I did this outdoors, it was really windy and my hair kept on sticking in the wrong places, also I didn't have nail polish remover with me. But I'm never really good in painting my nails in the first place. Haha. Always so messy when seen up close. 

Oh, if you're wondering, I used The Face Shop nail polish for both colors. 

About my giveaway, please don't forget to send me the links of your Facebook posts so I can include your entries in choosing the winner. For updates on my blog, you can like my page on Facebook here. :)

Wednesday, April 11, 2012


I dressed up for no apparent occasion. I just felt the need to wear this blazer/jacket which I bought last year from Blogger's United 2 (check out my haul here and my outfit here). I think this will also look great when paired with shorts. What do you think? :)

By the way, I turned on the comment moderation on this blog because I've been receiving lots of spam comments lately. You just have to wait for my approval before your comment gets published, no biggie. :)

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

My Feet for a Queen Shoes!

I haven't told you about this yet: Almost a month ago, I won my friend, Phya's blog giveaway. You've probably seen her in some of my posts already. I entered as many entries as I can to give me more chances of winning. And I did win! Thank you Phya! This pair of shoes from Feet for a Queen is one of my favorites and probably the reason why I really wanted to win. Kristel of Feet for a Queen asked me what kind of shoes I'm into and in the end, kept the design a secret. Imagine how happy I was when I got this yesterday! Thanks Kristel! I love the blue-black-green color combination! I'm so excited to wear it out! :)

I'm sure you'll find your perfect pair of shoes from Feet for a Queen! They offer really nice designs, you'll look stylish and fabulous in no time!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Winners of my first giveaway!

Hi guys! This is it! The moment you've been waiting for! Using the Random Number Generator at, one lucky winner gets the awesome goodies from Fab Manila and also, the one who has the most number of likes on his/her Facebook post wins a Fab Manila travel envelope.

Congratulations to:

Sabrina Anne Sarino for winning an Elie Stripe Tote Bag, a Slim Wallet, a Luggage Tag and a Sunnies Case, all from Fab Manila!

Now, for the one who will receive the travel envelope for having the most number of likes, I'm actually having a hard time looking for your posts (some are not set on public; some are already buried by lots of more recent posts). Currently, the one who has the most number of likes is 33. For all of you who have likes more than 33, please send me a message containing the link of your post. This way, I can easily determine who the winner is. I'll be waiting for your messages until this Saturday, April 14, 11:59 PM. For the meantime, you can still ask people to like your post to have a higher chance of winning. I am so sorry for this inconvenience, this is the only way I can think of that will be fair for everyone.

Anyway, thanks so much guys for joining! As this is my first ever giveaway, I'm really happy how this turned out. First and foremost, I didn't expect that much people to join. And of course, this wouldn't be successful if it wasn't for Fab Manila. Thank you so much Jenny! :) 

One last thing before I end this post, I know this is kinda late already. I created a Facebook page for my blog, Hey It's Alyssa Yu! It will really mean a lot to me if you 'like' my page. Thanks again everyone! :)