Monday, July 10, 2017

Ryan in Albay!

How's everyone doing lately?

If you guys don't know yet, I moved back to my hometown, Legazpi, seven months ago. This place is definitely much more peaceful and relaxed, still, I can't help but miss the craziness of Manila -- the crowded malls, the horrendous traffic, the noise, the feeling that so many things are happening all at the same time. So far, I've been flying to Manila once or twice a month.

Anyway, right after I made the big move, Ryan said he would visit me, and we decided that May would be a good time. He brought me to his hometown, Tabaco, which was around 45 minutes away from mine, and took a good look around. He brought me to Cafe Molave, a quaint restaurant in the middle of the city, and to Ishi-aya, a Japanese restaurant he kept on telling me about since last year. We went to Mayon Rest House, located in Mayon Volcano itself, although the view wasn't as nice because it was too close to the top (lol!). I also brought him to some places in Legazpi. On his last day, we went to Donsol and swam with the whale sharks. This wasn't the first time I've seen these huge creatures but it was my first time to swim with them! Seeing them up close was amazing-- no words to describe it! 

Tuesday, July 4, 2017


It's the 4th of July, which means...... it's my birthday! Time flew by so fast, I can't believe I'm turning 25 today! Here are some shots taken by Ben (check out his website and instagram) several months back. Click the button below to see the rest of the photos!