Saturday, November 30, 2013

Neon Top + Winners of my Snoe giveaway!


This pose again? LOL. I don't know how and why but this seems to be my default pose when taking outfit shots. Oh well, just bear with me here, haha.

The top I'm wearing here is actually neon pink--it's just not that obvious in the photos. Can you believe that I got it from a bazaar for only Php150? Proof that clothing doesn't have to be expensive to be pretty! :)

Oh, btw, I know you're all excited to find out who the winners of my giveaway are! Click the button below (if you're reading this post from my homepage) to see if your name's on the list!

Monday, November 25, 2013

All White + My Picks at Sammy Dress


Here's another outfit post for you guys! As you have probably noticed, I don't get to post that often anymore. It's because I'm currently reviewing for the pharmacist licensure exam this coming January. I don't have as much free time as I used to but whenever I get the chance, I have my outfit shots taken so I can post them here and help you gain ideas when it comes to dressing up. :)

The idea to wear an all white outfit came to me randomly. Good thing I have these pieces that I was able to mix and match. Have you tried an outfit similar to this? Comment below! :)

P.S. Last few hours to join my Snoe giveaway! Join now before it's too late!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Snowballs on my Dress + Pandora's Winter Collection


Just a quick post before I go back to studying again. I need a break from time to time or I might go crazy lol.

This is what I wore a few weeks ago to a fair. Since Christmas is just around the corner, I decided to wear this snowball-patterned dress. :)

Speaking of Christmas, let me introduce Pandora's Winter Collection! Showcasing a splash of color with their icy blue and deep purple hues, in addition to the classics, this new collection features snowflakes, candy canes, Christmas trees, and even Santa Claus! They're also celebrating the success of their pave ball by offering them in a variety of new colors. Click the button below to see some photos of their new collection.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Let us help out and do our part

Image source:

It has been over a week since Super typhoon Yolanda (International name: Haiyan) struck parts of Visayas and left our countrymen devastated with no shelter, food, and water. The death toll has already reached a staggering amount and even until now, many survivors still haven't received relief goods and are still suffering from extreme starvation.

In times like these, it's best to help out in any way we can. I see a lot of people complaining online about the inefficiency of the government or about other establishments/people not helping enough, or how other people are just plain insensitive by openly posting selfies, food, or travel posts. Instead of complaining, why not just spend your time doing more productive things like actually helping out?

There are tons of ways to help: just scroll down your Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram feeds and you're sure to find info on drop-off centers, different relief operations, calls for volunteers, and lists of suggested donations. I also posted some ways to help out on my Instagram and Twitter. If you don't have time to volunteer, you can always donate your old things or items that you don't use anymore -- clothes, blankets, etc. And above all, let us pray for our countrymen who were affected by this calamity: for them to stay strong and be led to safety.

It's not yet too late. Let us help out and do our part. :)

Monday, November 11, 2013

Polecats Anniversary Show


I'm in a phase right now where I want to explore and try new things. I was just talking to a friend about wanting to try pole dancing (hey it's not confined to strip clubs alone, it's actually a great form of strength and flexibility training!), and as if fate heard me, I suddenly received an invite from Polecats Manila to their anniversary show.

The show, Amihan: Indayog at Lahi, was held at Meralco Theatre and showcased the past through dance and acrobatics. Throughout the whole performance, I was in a state of disbelief. I mean, how they were able to execute those moves was just beyond me. The entire cast was absolutely amazing!

Now, because of the show, I can't wait to attend my first ever pole dancing class! Check the Polecats Facebook page if you're interested to know their schedule, as well as their rates. :)

It was pretty hard to take photos because flash wasn't allowed inside the theatre, and a lot came out blurred. Good thing I was able to take a few nice shots. Click the button below to see them!

Monday, November 4, 2013

Triumph's Newest Body Make-up and Shape Sensation Collections Launch

Fashion and beauty bloggers gathered in an intimate affair at Fairmont Suites last week for the launch of Triumph's newest collections: Body Make-up and Shape Sensation. I originally thought they would be launching body glitter and some body products--but boy, was I wrong! It turns out that their newest collection of undergarments is supposed to enhance features and hide flaws, pretty much what make-up does! To add to that, this collection of Body Make-up intimates feels and fits like a second skin. They blend perfectly with skin tone and deliver invisibility under anything you wear! The Shape Sensation Collection, on the other hand, combines functionality and visual appeal. It has been crafted from innovative two-way stretch Lycra lace that smoothens and defines body contours while offering freedom of movement. The photo above shows some pieces from the Shape Sensation collection--look how well they contour the body!

Click the button below to see some snapshots of the event!

P.S. Get a chance to win beauty products from Snoe by joining this giveaway. :)

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The Glamourtini x Snoe Giveaway - CLOSED

snoe giveaway-001

When I first learned about Snoe through a magazine ad, I couldn't help but be curious. I mean, with all the amazing packaging and witty names, is the quality of their products as impressive? It wasn't until I attended their bloggers event last year that I finally got to know more about their products. I was very surprised when I found out the brand originated locally. They use only the finest ingredients, but still make sure they're very affordable! I even wrote a review of one of my favorites -- the Here Comes the Sunblock Sunscreen.

To celebrate my blog's second year and as a means to thank all of you for reading my blog, I decided to host a giveaway! This time, I'll be giving away, you guessed it, Snoe products! Read on to know the items you can win!

I, together with the people behind Snoe, teamed up to get your hands on their hottest bestsellers! Five of my lucky readers will be getting one set each of Snoe beauty products containing the following:

❤ 1 Snoe White Beauty Bar
❤ 1 Body Ritual Recipes Scrumptious Body Spritz
❤ 1 Body Ritual Recipes Whipped Body Frosting
❤ 1 Body Ritual Recipes Bath Syrup
❤ 1 Oh My Wash! Intimate Wash
❤ 1 Fizzy Clean Foaming Hand Sanitizer

There will be three winners on this blog giveaway, and another two will be from my Facebook giveaway. Here's an idea: if you want more chances of winning, join both giveaways! Joining has never been easier: just follow the instructions on Rafflecopter. Give time for the Rafflecopter widget to load though! And if you're reading this post from my home page, click the blue button below (click, click, click for more photos button) to view the widget.

Monday, October 21, 2013


I was so delighted when I received a package from PersunMall containing this cute chiffon top. Ever since I saw it online, I couldn't wait to get my hands on it! Who would've thought that lions, pink, and green would go so well together? It's such a statement on its own, don't you think? I decided to go a bit unconventional by pairing this top with an asymmetrical skort, and I'm so happy with the result! You should try mixing and matching random pieces of clothing too, who knows, you might come up with something really interesting! :)

Tuesday, October 15, 2013


IMG_2860This is what I would wear on a casual day out -- a simple dress and flats. Recently, I find myself gravitating towards dresses like this which you can easily slip on and are comfortable enough to be worn the whole day. Find the styles that work for you, and stock up on them. They're totally worth the investment! :)

Friday, October 11, 2013

Black Out

IMG_2766Finally, an all-black outfit! I love the color black (as much as I love white), because it makes one look put together even without trying. Much like an all-white ensemble, an all-black outfit can give off a clean and polished look. Aside from that, black gives the illusion of a longer and slimmer silhouette. Who doesn't want that? :)

Saturday, October 5, 2013

When the Wind Blows

IMG_2693One of the things I've been meaning to tell you guys is that I dyed my hair. Yep, I did it myself! I was quite surprised at how it turned out, actually. Amidst all the craziness at school, I didn't know how I found the time to buy a box of hair dye and wait for an hour or so after application, when I was supposed to be studying for a major exam! Whew! I was pretty satisfied with the result though. It looks very natural (except outdoors where the color looks extremely vibrant, especially under the sun) and even looks like my original hair color at night. You can check out my previous posts to see how it faired under the different lighting conditions. :)

P.S. The hair dye I used was Etude House in Mocha Pink. Comment if you've also tried the product. :)

Sunday, September 29, 2013

A Different Side of Me


Whenever I browse the blogs of fashion bloggers, I always notice that they have such expressive faces and fierce poses that make their photos look like pages taken from fashion editorials. Almost all of the time though, they're not smiling. Apparently, it has been a trend for models in fashion magazines to always look serious (dramatic, alluring, fierce, etc) and let the outfit do the talking. I, for one, was influenced by this trend and tried to do the same thing, but then I realized that it's also great to show some emotion and smiles from time to time.

So instead of my usual serious poses, here are some photos of me smiling, messing around, and having fun!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

LANEIGE Water Sleeping Pack_EX Review

(Image source: Google)

I've been hearing so many positive reviews about this product so I bought one and decided to see for myself. This product is designed to hydrate the skin and restore its bright complexion. It is used on the face once or twice a week (or more when your skin is particularly dry) before going to bed. The product comes with an instruction sheet (thankfully, there are instructions in English) and a spatula.

The sleeping pack is gel-based and alcohol-free so this might be safe for sensitive skin. Upon application, the gel feels very refreshing, and to make the experience even more relaxing, it comes with a mild scent. The product dries easily so you don't have to worry about it smearing your pillow. You'll immediately see the results upon waking up in the morning - softer, suppler, and brighter skin. I'm not sure about its long term effects though because I haven't been using it for that long. Also, it's a bit pricey compared to other mainstream Korean skincare brands so you might have to take that into consideration too. What do you think about this product? Leave a comment! :)

Would I repurchase? Probably. My skin isn't dry so I don't think this product is a necessity for me. I highly recommend this to those with dry skin though.

These are the directions for use according to the product's instruction sheet:

Monday, September 23, 2013

TCFS After School BB Foundation Lunchbox Review

(Image source: Google)

It's probably time to introduce all of you to my current favorite foundation, the Too Cool for School After School BB Foundation Lunchbox! It comes in two kinds and I'm using the one for watery skin (#2). Actually, this was one of the things Ryan bought for me in Korea. I have no idea how he got hold of such an amazing product! 

Among all the BB/Foundation products I've tried, this one provides the coverage best suited for my skin--not too light but not too heavy. It hides blemishes perfectly and lightens up the face, making the skin look flawless. There is a built-in spatula inside which can be useful for scooping out the product from the bottle. The texture is so thick that you only need to use a small amount at a time. I honestly think this is going to stay with me for the next few years since I don't wear makeup that often lol. Another great thing about this product is that it has SPF37 PA++, quite enough sun protection if you ask me (but note that you have to use a sunblock with a much higher SPF with frequent applications if you're planning to stay under the sun for a long time). Although it is bigger in size compared to other BB/foundation products, it can still be considered travel-friendly because it comes with a concealer and highlighter on its lid. Cool, right? :) The concealer has a creamy texture and hides my under eye circles pretty well (but then again, my under eye circles aren't that dark to begin with so I'm not so sure of its concealing ability). The highlighter is nice too since it gives off a natural glow.

Am I going to repurchase when it runs out? Definitely!

Monday, September 16, 2013



Hey everyone! I haven't been posting lately because school has been eating up my free time! It's getting crazier and crazier by the day because it's my last semester in college. As the next chapter of my life starts to unfold, I find myself thinking more and more - about my future, my passions, and most especially how to achieve my dreams. During my journey I have gone through several problems and setbacks, and what I learned is this: Despite the obstacles that bar our way, we have to keep going. These obstacles are just life's simple challenges to prepare us for the real world. What's important is that we never lose sight of our goals. :)

The colorful outfit is to celebrate what's in store for me in the coming months! Wish me luck! :)

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Teenage Dream

IMG_9967Remember my post dedicated to crop tops (a.k.a. midriff tops) some weeks ago? I believe I told you how much I wanted to have one for myself. But despite the overwhelming number of designs, fabrics, and cuts available in that style, I couldn't find at least one that fit the image in my head. This one turned up just as I was about to give up my quest to find the perfect one. :)

The next question was, what should I pair it with? Ideally, I would've chosen something conservative, a maxi skirt or a knee-length bodycon skirt perhaps. Then reality hit me and I realized I had neither. I settled with this skirt and decided to go for a black and white ensemble. Not bad, right?

P.S. I left the house with my skirt completely ironed but I was so shocked to see it in this state after getting off the car lol.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Skater Skirt

I've had this skater skirt for a while now but I never had the chance to wear it until this day. What I like about this skirt is that it's not your usual plain-colored skater skirt that you can find just about anywhere. The splotches of gold are a nice touch so the skirt instantly glams up any top you pair it with. I used a brightly colored necklace to complement the outfit and finished it off with a pair of nude heels to balance out the look.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Geek Chic


For those of you who don't know me personally, you might be surprised to know that I actually wear glasses. I wear them to school everyday and wear contacts only when I go out on weekends. This is the first time I posted pictures of myself wearing glasses and believe me, it took quite a while to convince myself to post these photos. For a look far from my usual, I tried experimenting by using them to complement a laid back geek chic ensemble. What do you guys think? :)

Saturday, August 24, 2013

bebe Pre-Fall Collection Launch

Bebe ad material  Last friday marked the launch of bebe's pre-fall collection 'California Sentiment'. A fashion show was put together to showcase the new collection, and was quickly followed by an exclusive shopping event. This new collection includes fabulous pieces perfect for day or night, as well as sophisticated activewear that flatter every body type. Bodycon dresses and miniskirts, cutout dresses, flowing high-low dresses, moto jackets, established denim, sheer blouses, and peplum tops are the collection's key pieces. With the earthy, transitional summer-to-fall palette of deep red, gold, and warm neutrals, this collection gives off the vibe of a true blue California girl!

The bebe 'California Sentiment' collection is now available at the bebe boutique on the Ground Floor of the Shangri-la Plaza Mall. Expect to find new and exciting pieces every week and a new collection every month!

Click the link below to see photos of my outfit!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

How Can We Help?

call-out-20130819-rappler-graphics-2 (1)
(Image source:

As you all know, Tropical Storm Maring has brought extreme floods and destruction in Manila as well as in some nearby provinces. It has been raining on-and-off for several days now; with the rainfall greatest during the first two or three days. Many lost their homes to the flood while some got separated to their families. To those who haven't been affected by the typhoon and are willing to help, please please do. Below are some ways you can help out. You can give donations (either in cash or in kind), volunteer to join the relief operations, or, in case you can not help out physically, your prayers would be appreciated just as much. Let us all pray for everyone who has been affected by this calamity.

If you know of people who need to be rescued, add them to database. You may also tweet the name/s, exact location and flood situation and use the hashtag #rescuePH.
Emergency Hotlines
Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD)
Volunteers are needed to re-pack relief goods. Pls go to National Resource Operations Center (NROC) NAIA Chapel Road, Pasay City. Call 851-2681 or 511-1259.
 Philippine Red Cross
Call the Red Cross chapter nearest you to find out how you can help.
University of the Philippines
Relief Ops of UP Diliman at CHK gym. Immediate need of donations and volunteers.
Polytechnic University of the Philippines
The IPOD V (I am PUP Operation Damayan Volunteer), the official volunteer group of PUP Community Relations and Extension for Development Office, is now calling for donations and volunteers. You may reach the group through their contact number: 09169374280 or by going to South Wing, Room 308 at PUP Mabini Campus.
Enderun Colleges
Please send your food donations to Enderun Colleges, Mckinley Hill, Taguig City. The students will cook and prepare meal packs for distribution to evacuation centers.
UA&P Relief Operations: You can drop off your donations at Escriva gate, Pearl Drive gate, or Prom A.
Muntinlupa City Hall
The Muntinlupa City Hall is calling for donations of relief goods and volunteers for rescue and relief operations.
Sagip Kapamilya
Drop off your donations in kind at the Sagip Kapamilya Headquarters at 13 Examiner St., West Triangle, Quezon City.
Reedley International School
 Reedley International School is accepting donations at Josol Bldg, E. Rodriguez, Jr Ave.
Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila (PLM)
 PLM is accepting donations until August 24, Saturday.
Ateneo De Manila University
Send your donations to LS Covered Court until 8:00 p.m. on August 21.
Victory Center
Victory Santa Rosa accepting donations everyday until Sep1, 10am-7pm at Victory Center,Laguna Bel Air2,Santa Rosa. Victory Ortigas is accepting donations in the form of instant noodles, canned goods, bread, bottled water, coffee, mats & blankets.

Drop off your donations at LBC branches. They will be turned over to Red Cross.
Air21 accepts donations in all Mail and More branches nationwide and will distribute to areas affected by the flood.
Help victims of #MaringPH by donating goods in kind to any McDo store located in MM starting today until Aug 25.
Santuario de San Antonio
Santuario de San Antonio  in McKinley Road, Makati is accepting donations.

DSWD Peso Current Account: # 3122-1011-84, Landbank of the Philippines Batasan, Quezon City.
 DSWD US Dollar Savings Account Foreign Donation # 3124-0055-81 Swift Code TLBPPHMMXXX. Landbank of the Philippines, Batasan.
Gawad Kalinga
Gawad Kalinga is asking for cash pledges to buy relief goods for the villages affected in Taguig.
Deposit to Alagang Kapatid Foundation, Inc. – BDO Acct# 00-5310-41016-4 or BPI Acct# 1443-0533-32. Just deposit with the note #GilasPilipinasMaringFund.
Philippine Red Cross
There are many ways to send your cash donations. You may also send them via SMS. Text RED AMOUNT to 2899 (Globe) or 4143 (Smart).
GMA Network’s Telethon
Operating hours: August 20 4pm-11:30pm, Telethon number 9811950; August 21, 6 AM – 11:30 P.M.
Ayala Foundation
Make a donation to Laging Handa.

Info grabbed here.

Monday, August 19, 2013

A Bagful of Fun Pizza and Pasta Party


Parachute bags are eco-friendly convertible bags that are perfect every occasion. All bags are made of nylon, a lightweight material that is also used in making parachutes. They have backpacks that turn into tote bags, body bags and nursery bags, travel bags into messenger bags, and so much more. Click the link below to see pictures of some of the bags they offer. My personal favorite is the messenger/sling bag that turns into a huge travel bag. It would come in handy especially during shopping!

While I was going about my usual day, I was surprised to receive an invitation from Parachute bags to a pizza and pasta party at Woodfire Bistro, celebrating the launch of their Spring/Summer 2013 collection. I was running pretty late that afternoon because of the heavy traffic but it was such a relief that the event hadn't started yet when I arrived. I was glad to see some familiar faces but at the same time, was able to meet some new friends. After giving us demonstrations on how to convert the bags from one style to another, we were informed that it was time for the games! Nobody expected that there would be games considering that the place was not that spacious. We were asked to fold the bag into a pouch, and whoever finishes first wins. You see, the bag has to be neatly folded for it to be zipped in place. Congrats Tracy for winning! She was so fast compared to everybody else. I didn't stand a chance, haha. :)

Thank you for having me Parachute bags!

Monday, August 5, 2013

Trend To Try: Fitted Crop Tops and Bustiers

(Image source: Forever 21)

Ever since I saw this particular kind of crop top at store boutiques, I've been wanting to buy one for myself. It was a bit too revealing for me at first but as time passed, I mustered up the courage to find the perfect one and try it out. I prefer wearing mine with a high waisted knee length bodycon skirt, or with high waisted pants, showing just the right amount of skin. I think you might want to steer clear of very short shorts or skirts when wearing this kind of top to avoid looking skimpy, unless you're going to the beach or to a party where everyone's wearing the same lol.

The reason for this post is to give you ideas on how to mix and match that crop top or bustier that's been hiding in your closet for several weeks. It's about time to gather your courage and wear it outside! If you already have one and have been wearing it to various occasions, I hope I gave you even more outfit possibilities. And if you're that person who never had one, this is the perfect time to buy!

Click the button below for more photos!

Saturday, August 3, 2013

TCFS Store Opening

IMG_9640 While I was walking around SM Mall of Asia one afternoon, I spotted this new boutique called Too Cool for School that sells various makeup products in such awesome packaging! The store was made to look like a kids' classroom with erasers, pencils, chalkboards, doodles, and dinosaurs all over the packaging of their makeup. There were also fake body parts and chemical containers scattered around the store. I even joked once that I should have been the one to bring the brand here in the Philippines because everything about it was so 'me'. So imagine my surprise when I encountered this brand again at the most recent BDJ Rendezvous and was even fortunate enough to get invited to their store opening at SM North Edsa last July 19.

The brand originated in Korea and quickly gained popularity. Soon after, they opened stores in various places all over the world such as London and New York. They currently have two branches in the Philippines -- one at SM Mall of Asia and the other at SM North Edsa. And I heard they're going to open another one soon! :)

At the event, the place was packed with people, but despite that, I got to take pictures of some of their products. The guests were given time to check out the products and consult the TCFS staff if they had any questions. Afterwards, there was a short program, which included the ribbon cutting to officially open the store. The guests were then treated to yummy snacks at Mann Hann.

When I received this muscle tee from Dirty Bizzz, I instantly decided that it had to be paired with this leather shorts for a super edgy vibe. I wore minimal makeup and black boots to complement my look. To top it all off, I used my red Nine West bag for a hint of color.

Thank you Too Cool for School for having me at your store opening! :)

Friday, July 26, 2013

Girl On Fire


I ADORE my makeup in these photos! This is the eye makeup I've been trying to learn for the longest time. Thank you Ana Isip for doing a great job on me, especially the eyes! :) Why a makeover out of the blue? Well, Estee Lauder offered makeovers to promote their new Double Wear Foundation and I was one of the select few who was given the opportunity. Aside from the makeover, we were given profile photos, a polaroid shot, and a bag of Estee Lauder goodies.

Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation is their newest line of foundation. It stays in place the whole day and is available in thirty shades -- so at least one will definitely be perfect for you. I like how it gives maximum coverage without the heavy feeling and at the same time makes it look natural on the skin. If you're looking for a medium to heavy coverage foundation, you can ask for samples of these or you can try them out at the Estee Lauder counters located at Rustan's Department Stores.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Mint and Navy

IMG_9593This was one of the days I was feeling experimental with my outfit. Now who would've thought that mint and navy would go together? In this particular look, I tried to add a casual vibe to an otherwise polished look by wearing a loose sweater with this origami skirt from The Sweet Cloth.  Do you think I pulled it off? :)

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Isabelo Garden


I was looking for a nice restaurant to try and this place was recommended to me. It is located in Marikina, a good one and a half hour drive from home, and is owned by Portia Baluyut, an ad-agency-owner-turned-professional-chef. She turned her ancestral home into a rustic-style garden restaurant filled with various mementos and antiques. This restaurant strictly does not accept walk-in guests, you have to book your reservation online and order the dishes in advance on their website. Portia then sends an e-mail saying that your reservation is confirmed. After which, you have the option to pay a P1000 deposit or pay the amount in full either through credit card or bank deposit.

I arrived at this place having high expectations because of positive reviews. As for the food, I ordered dishes that received lots of praises online. Click the button below to see the dishes I ordered and what I thought of them! :)

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Moonleaf Beats

The Makati branch of Moonleaf Tea Shop at The Columns celebrated their first anniversary with their event 'Moonleaf Beats'. For a whole week, they gave out discounts, free add-ons, and eco-friendly planners to customers. The celebration was capped off with an evening of nice acoustic music by Ai Dela Cruz, LM Cancio, and Ebe Dancel. A photo booth was set up outside the shop and lots of raffle prizes were given away.

One thing most of you don't know about me is that I get an upset stomach whenever I drink anything with milk so I've never been a fan of milk tea. Oftentimes I just order regular cold tea or fruit tea. Several months ago, I ordered a Wintermelon Oolong Tea at the same branch but was very surprised when the drink came out too sweet. This time around, I was extra careful in choosing what to order. I eventually settled on Honey Aloe Vera because it was different from the other drinks that were being offered and it seemed like a safe choice. When I first took a sip, I knew I ordered the right drink! It tasted like honey water with aloe vera and just the right amount of sweetness. When you're looking for a drink other than the traditional milk teas, this one's an excellent alternative!

Together with the drinks, French macarons were also served which I enjoyed very much. A little too sweet for my taste but hey, all macarons are meant to be sweet. I also got to try their beef turnover, but my tummy would've appreciated it so much more if it was served hot. Everything else was good though. :)

Thank you Moonleaf Tea Shop for an enjoyable night!

Photos by Phya Pineda. Thanks also for inviting me to go with you! :)

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Preview Ball 2013 Outfit

IMG_8724 It is a well-known fact that the Preview Best Dressed Ball is one of the most awaited events of the year. Imagine my excitement when I found out that I was invited to this year's ball! I had the biggest problem on what to wear to the event--everyone would be in fabulous dresses for sure. I rummaged through my closet but found that my dresses, if not too ragged, were too formal for the event. What do I do when that happens? Raid my sister's closet (while she isn't looking, haha kidding)! Sometimes I'm convinced that my sister's closet is an extension of mine, haha. I'm lucky that we're almost the same size. I quickly tried on a dress and voila, I now had something to wear for the event!

The ball was held last June 28 at Hyve and the place was packed with who's who in fashion and showbiz. I've never seen this many celebrities all in one place. I couldn't show you any pictures of the party though because I chose not to bring my camera to the venue--that proved to be a wise decision.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Collection Launch at Rockwell Tent

IMG_6853 Two weeks ago, one of the biggest makeup brands in the UK, Collection, was launched here in Manila. The event, held in Rockwell tent, was filled with icons that are unique to the United Kingdom -- the red telephone booth, the Grenadier Guards, and even the Union Jack. The guests arrived in a multitude of colors, turning the entire place into color wonderland. Included in the program were the three ambassadors of Collection -- Camille Co, Laureen Uy, and who would forget Manila's it-girl and actress, Solenn Heussaff. The short program ended with a toast from the Collection's executives, the brand ambassadors, and the host Nicole Andersson.

It was still pretty early when the program ended so we had enough time to eat, take photos, and enjoy the music. They were playing all my favorite songs that I found it hard to leave! Haha! Aside from being given the opportunity to attend, I felt so lucky that I got an exclusive Collection makeup kit (photo is posted on my instagram, @heyitsalyssayu). Thanks to the Collection team for an evening I won't forget!

Check them out on Facebook and Twitter. Or better yet, visit their site! :)

Outfit shots by Phya Pineda.

Saturday, June 22, 2013



Most days I'm too lazy to dress up. You would find me at home still unprepared until the last minute. This day was one of them. Originally, I had a mint sweater on with this pair of pants but I wasn't satisfied and later decided to wear another top instead. I was about to be picked up from home and I still had nothing to wear. Thankfully, I found this sequined top buried deep inside my closet (which is why it came out a bit wrinkled) and it saved the day!

I knew I was going to walk the whole time so comfort was my utmost priority. I got this pair of shoes from Cotton On and I never regretted buying it! I'm not sure if I told you about this already but I find it difficult to find a pair of shoes that won't give me blisters. Aside from comfort, they are the perfect add on to a great outfit. The good news is that they're still available at Cotton On stores and there are a lot of colors to choose from!

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Max Factor Mission Makeover

The make up tutorial where I was featured in is finally here! I must admit, I have this fear of seeing myself on (video) camera and hearing myself talk. I can't stand seeing or listening to myself and notice all those mistakes I committed in front of the camera--be it my posture, my facial expressions, the way I speak, and even the tiniest of detail such as when I should've smiled and should it have been with my teeth showing or not. This fear might have come from the recurring thought that after it has been uploaded, a video is final--you can't change it anymore. Everybody now knows that you have this weird mannerism or that you look horrible in a certain angle. Although I didn't talk for the whole duration of the video (except for that one liner in the last part), you can't imagine how nervous I get while watching this. But I guess everyone has his/her share of insecurities. This video was the perfect first step for me to face this fear and be less self-conscious in front of the camera.

Okay, I didn't realize I was getting off track LOL. So I won this contest by Max Factor and BDJ Box. As a prize, I was given the opportunity to be made up by the Max Factor National Make-Up Artist Bobby Carlos (the person behind the makeup of the SM Accessories campaigns: Anne Curtis, Georgina Wilson, Richard Gutierrez, and Xian Lim...ring a bell?) and be featured in a makeup tutorial video.

Aside from that, BDJ Box had their first Beauty Social at the SM Mall of Asia Atrium and I was asked to attend a certain segment for the awarding.

Thank you so much to the people behind BDJ Box and Max Factor! Candice and Monica, thanks for being extra nice and accommodating! Bobby, thanks for your super awesome makeup! Hello also to some new friends, Kacey and Apple!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

The Maxi Skirt


This is the last set of photos from our Batangas trip. I've been trying to postpone writing this post for as long as I could because seeing the photos and words on print would confirm the fact that summer is over. And since I think I wasn't able to make the most out of it, this makes me feel all the worse. :( Anyway, let's get to the point now, shall we?

We arrived at Cintai Corito's Garden at around two in the afternoon and descended through a lot of steps before we reached our villas. Buko juice was served for each of us while we lounged around the whole afternoon. Before the sun was about to set, we just had to go around the place for some picture taking. Everything was just wonderful. The place was big and would probably take you more than an hour to cover everything. All the walking and climbing up and down the steps made us exhausted so while the staff were preparing our dinner, we rested for a bit and regained our energy. Honestly speaking, the food was horrible and not at all worth the price. It would be so much wiser to go out and have your meals somewhere else. The breakfast wasn't much better either. You see, I'm very easily pleased when it comes to food. I've rarely tried foods which I didn't like but this one really was below my standards. The place was good in all other aspects though. This resort would be ideal if you want to relax and unwind, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Since there weren't a lot of activities offered, an overnight stay would be enough to enjoy this paradise.

To go with the relaxed vibe of the place, I went for a no-fuss outfit: a maxi skirt together with a plain top. To see my other posts about this trip including my outfits, click The Sun is Shining and Fringe All Over.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Fringe All Over


Here's an outfit that I wore before taking a morning swim at the resort. It was around half past six in the morning and nobody was in the pool except for me. Apparently, not a lot of members in our family are morning persons. The other night, most of them stayed up late to catch up with each other while swimming in the pool. Being the sleepyhead that I am, I went straight to bed after dinner (and yeah, missed all the fun).

You probably noticed that ugly bruise on my knee. It was raining hard one day and I couldn't afford to get my shoes wet because they weren't designed for rainy days. While I was walking on my tiptoes, I lost my balance and slipped. No surprises there, considering how big of a klutz I am. I landed on the concrete floor, and my knees got most of the impact. The bruise looked more horrible and so much bigger a week before. I'm still thankful though, it could have been much worse.

P.S. School's starting in a week! Who's excited? :)

Sunday, June 2, 2013

The Sun is Shining


Despite my whole summer being preoccupied with internship, I still had the chance to enjoy the sun in a secluded resort in Batangas. The place is called Cintai Corito's Garden, a Balinese-inspired sanctuary located at Balete, Batangas, just an hour and a half from Manila. We stayed there for one night which gave us just enough time to see the whole place. I'll be showing you a few photos of the resort in a separate post.

I barely had time to pack my things for this trip so I just "guessed" which clothes would go together. A safe choice was a breezy top and shorts hence the look. I spotted these jelly sandals from Cotton On a week before and thought that it would be a great alternative for the usual flip flops during summer.

Sunday, May 26, 2013 Launch


I was very fortunate to have been invited to the launch of BeautyBook, an online source of beauty tips and fashion advice from experts. There, you can find beauty regimens, fashion forward advice, and makeup trends for all types of women. Tried-and-tested beauty products provided on the site would come in useful for those who are looking for something new to add to their list of beauty essentials.

Every month, BeautyBook invites online experts to give you the best insights in beauty and fashion. It covers hair care (Hair Story), skin care (Skin Ever After), fashion and makeup (Magic Glam), and a listing of the best beauty bargains (The Royal Treatment). Check it out for yourself -

The launch was held at Sala Bistro at Greenbelt 3 and was hosted by the gorgeous Laica Turingan. They invited makeup artist Ning to give us an overview of this season's fashion and makeup trends. She did a short makeup demo on my friend Phya showing us a natural daytime look. While in the middle of a conversation, I was so surprised when I was called to be the model for the hair styling demonstration. Ning showed us how to achieve beach waves without using intense heat or chemicals by simply twisting the hair and making it into a bun. The launch really raised my expectations of the site and guess what, it didn't disappoint. :)

Sunday, May 5, 2013



Last week, I attended a food tasting event at Lights of Love Events Place located at Quezon City and went to Shangrila Plaza Mall soon after to attend the Marks and Spencer Spring/Summer 2013 Fashion Show. The show featured lots of prints and vibrant colors in blue, green, and red. For menswear, swim shorts, lightweight jerseys and design tees were brought in unusual yet striking combinations of geranium, aqua, pink fizz, dark jade, and hyacinth. Collections for womenswear, on the other hand, included M&S Woman, Autograph, Classic, Per una, Indigo collection and Limited collection. Most were classic staples such as jeans, maxi dresses and knitwear in floral, tropical and tribal prints.

On to my outfit: this dress reminds me of summer because of the bright colors. I bought this at a bazaar last December and thought that this would be the perfect time to wear it. I was trying to pull off a polished look so I chose to wear less accessories and let my dress do all the talking. What do you think of my outfit? :)

Thanks to Marks and Spencer and Nuffnang Philippines for having me at the event!

Monday, April 29, 2013

One Summer Day


This would be a perfect outfit to wear to the beach, minus the wedges, of course. But the problem is my whole summer is preoccupied with internships. I'm having my hospital internship this month and soon I'll be staying in Antipolo (roughly a 2-hour ride from Manila) for my manufacturing internship this May. We are required to finish two hundred working hours for each area, and this will take up my entire summer. So you see, I don't have time to bask under the sun, swim and just do whatever other people are doing right now. It's so hot here in the city and everyday I can't help but think about the fun  my friends are having in various places around the world.

BUT THE GOOD NEWS IS... I'm finally graduating this October!!! I'm sure all my hardships and sacrifices would be worth it once I receive my diploma. And an additional "RPh" after my name wouldn't hurt either. :)

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Savoy Bistro


Ryan celebrated his graduation at Savoy Bistro located at Kalayaan Ave., Makati City. The place is filled with various furnitures and paintings that are for sale. It can only accommodate several people so the ambience is kind of intimate. Everything was just so beautiful and I admit that it made me pretty excited.

Appetizers and the pasta were served first. And I must say, I was impressed. But my satisfaction ended there. We were almost full just by eating the appetizers because the soup and the salad took too long to be served. And worse, we waited for almost an hour before the main course came. It was getting late, all of us weren't in the mood to eat anymore and we were actually deciding among ourselves whether to cancel all our unserved orders or not. Since we wouldn't want to waste this opportunity to try out their main course, we decided to push through with our orders. The main course dishes were good but we would have appreciated them more if they were served on time.

We ordered a few desserts for us to share. We had two orders of their Mango Jubilee and one was given within a few minutes. We waited some more for the second one but it was taking too long. We asked one of the staff to check out the dish and it was discovered that the one who took our orders forgot to forward it to the kitchen. Considering that we were the only group left in the restaurant, their service was pretty bad.

In general the food was good, so is the place. But the whole dining experience would have been so much better if they improved their customer service.

Despite all these, everyone had a great time. We were able to do a lot of catching up. The feeling to be able to talk about anything and everything was just so wonderful. :)

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Shu Uemura Mousse Foundation

I have been on the lookout for the perfect foundation for a while now. When going to parties and events, I only use BB cream because they already provide enough coverage for my face. BB creams are no doubt, my best friends when it comes to day makeup. However, during formal parties and events, everybody would be wearing full makeup while I looked like I had been working the whole day and hadn't even bothered to apply makeup. Even if I could say that my face doesn't need heavy coverage to conceal blemishes, I think it would still be necessary to have a trusty foundation that I could use from time to time.

Say hello to the Shu Uemura Mousse Foundation in Light Beige! This will give your face a nude and sheer finish. Similar to the effect of BB cream, this foundation when applied looks very natural and gives you a certain glow. The feeling on your face is very light, as if you aren't wearing any makeup. Surprisingly, this is even lighter than BB cream. This is perfect for those who prefer light coverage, but still heavy enough to be used for formal gatherings and events.

Click the button below to see more photos.

Photo from Google.

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Bershka Opening x Antony Morato Launch x I Love Koi - Strip Fashion Show

Two Thursdays ago was my busiest night as a blogger. First, there was the Bershka opening party at Glorietta 2 where the music of Taken by Cars entertained the guests. Eve Speciall who flew in from Hong Kong then took over and played her beats. She was followed by another DJ-slash-international blogger from Madrid, Prince Pelayo. Btw, check his post about Manila here. Anyway, the store was filled with people to the point that it was very hard to move around. Decent shots from my bulky camera would have been impossible, so I relied on my friend's camera for photos. Thank you Sef! Phya and I bumped into our friend Iya during the party, which explains the photo above.

After this event, I attended another launch. This time it was an Italian menswear brand called Antony Morato. Their first ever branch here in the Philippines is located at Alabang Town Center. I wasn't able to stay long enough for the fashion show because I had to go to another event at Prive Luxury Club. But I found their collections pretty cool, I must say. Looking forward for the opening of more branches in Manila!

The last event for the night was the Strip x I Love Koi bikini fashion show. PMAP models sashayed down the runway wearing I Love Koi's newest swimwear designs. The show started really late, around past midnight and you could see that the people were getting restless. Good thing the event was hosted by Tricia Centenera, Sam YG, and the other guys from Boys Night Out --- Slick Rick and Dj Tony Toni. They were so funny and made everything worth the wait. Some of my favorites from the fashion show are posted here, just click the link below! :)

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Mango Magnified


Mango is one of my favorite brands here in the Philippines. Every time a new collection is released, I make it a point to visit one of their stores to check out the new pieces they have. And don't get me started when it comes to their end of season sales!! So anyway, we arrived a bit early for the event but despite that, there were already a lot of people inside. Cocktails and wines were served, making sure that everyone's running on a full stomach. Here are the photos from their Spring/Summer 2013 Fashion Show (click button below!) held at the Bonifacio High Street Central Amphiteater. Aside from Mango, they also presented collections from Mango Touch, their accessories line and H.E. by Mango, their menswear line. The event was hosted by the wonderful Julia Sniegowski. And I might add, we were seated right behind the Spanish ambassador, cool! Yes, I find this kind of stuff interesting, haha.

Goodies from Tous le Jours and Mango were given to the guests after the show. Thanks Mango for an amazing evening!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

American Eagle Outfitters VIP Launch


American Eagle Outfitters is finally here in Manila!! I was so excited when I first heard the news several weeks ago. I was one of the people selected to attend the go-see for the brand ambassadors. Unfortunately, I had this difficult exam at the same time we were asked to go to the Bench office, so I traded the opportunity for some invites instead. (Thank you Danica for the invites!) I invited Phya to come with me to the event, so yes, she took all my outfit shots while I took all the others.

We arrived a bit late because of the weekday heavy traffic. The fashion show featured bright colors in preparation for summer. Although the models were wearing flats instead of heels, everyone looked amazing and runway-worthy. Shay Mitchell of Pretty Little Liars and Raymond Gutierrez hosted the show--which we weren't able to see because we arrived late(!!). Delicious food was served, including cupcakes with the American Eagle logo on them--cute! Local celebrities and bloggers were also present and I even had the chance to have my photo taken with Georgina Wilson! I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw her!

Thanks and congratulations American Eagle Outfitters for a successful launch!

You probably noticed my casual outfit from the photo above. This top actually has a unique collar detail, plus a peek-a-boo at the back. Click the button below to see the photos!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Crazy about Makeup

Banila Co. Primer BB Cream in Nude

These are the makeup I bought recently. I'm not just talking about the one above, there are more! (Click the button below to see everything.) This sudden love for makeup gave me the motivation to buy anything and everything I set my eyes on. Some of these were even bought in Korea in two separate occasions by two different people. I'm thinking of posting reviews about some of the stuff here. Do you think that would be a great idea? :) 

Sunday, March 10, 2013

MEGA Gone Digital


A blog post to start the week! Two weeks ago, Phya invited me to Mega Magazine's 21st anniversary party at Opus. This digital-themed bash was filled with lights, lasers, holograms, and LED displays for a futuristic feel. There was even a digital photo wall where our pictures were taken just before we went though the LED carpet leading to the place. There were so many people inside that we could hardly move, so we went outside for a while to get some air. We went back just in time for the program. Guess what, Phya won a Nikon camera for being best dressed! Click the link below to see her outfit. :)

Photos by Phya Pineda. Oh, and thanks Phya for letting me borrow your gold earrings! :)

Saturday, March 9, 2013

That Night


Here are some photos from my sister's party. I found it really hard to shoot with my new lens at night--decent pictures won't come out of it! The only option was to use flash, and I absolutely hate what it does to the lighting on people. So I decided to just wait for the official photos. For the meantime, here are some photos of my outfit! If memory serves me right, the event started at around 8 in the evening and ended at about 11. We had to clean up afterwards so we got home at around 1 am. My parents stayed even later to finish cleaning up so they got home much, much later. I would have stayed overnight at the hotel if not for my 7 am class the next day. Anyway, it was a great evening filled with fun and laughter. It was wonderful seeing family and friends in just one room. An amazing night, indeed. :)

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Via's Debut: Behind the Scenes


The morning of the day of my sister's debut, we went to mass together and had lunch at home. At around 2 pm, we stayed in a suite at Crowne Plaza to have our hair and make-up done. After that, we had a short photo shoot at the pool area and helipad. Click here to see photos from the photo shoot.

And click the button below to see some photos of me and my sisters preparing for the party.

Photos: Anaissa Sy

Friday, March 1, 2013

Via's Debut: The Photo Shoot


My sister celebrated her 18th birthday on the 3rd of February at the Ruby Ballroom of Crowne Plaza Hotel. Just before the event started, we had a short photo shoot. I wasn't supposed to be part of this shoot but I tagged along so I can have pictures of my outfit. Do you know that I "almost" designed my dress here? I'm horrible when it comes to drawing and obviously, I can't illustrate what I'm thinking. The best way to communicate my ideas is to look for pictures from magazines or the internet and show it to the designer. Basically, I told the designer what I wanted by describing it and showing pictures, then he drew it for me and added minor details. What do you think of my dress? :)

Back to my sister's party- the theme was Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland- a darker version of the famous children's story. My sister was the Queen of Hearts, as if it isn't obvious enough. My other sister, Tricia is the one on the leftmost side of the picture. She's turning 18 next year! Yay! 

Anyway, the official photos haven't been released yet so enjoy the photos from my camera as of now! :)

Photos: Ralph Alejandrino

Monday, February 25, 2013



How's everyone doing? 

Just an update on my life: My time is currently divided between school work and blogging. Yes, you read that right: BLOGGING! As time goes on, I realize more and more that I really am passionate about blogging. I find myself excited every time I have new outfit shots to post and catch myself spending more and more time just thinking about it. I can see myself doing this for a long time, maybe for as long as I can. :)

Another thing that sparked my interest lately is makeup. I have never appreciated it before--I even told myself once that I'd never wear makeup. But one thing led to another, and I saw the wonders makeup can do, especially when done correctly. I'm not one who applies large amounts of makeup on myself: I'm more into using makeup to highlight features and add a natural glow. In some of my posts, I only used BB cream, face powder, and an eyebrow pencil. When I have extra time, I also apply eyeliner. I'm in a stage where I tend to experiment with makeup. Because of this, I now shop for less clothes and more cosmetics. I recently bought two BB creams and two lip creams. Another set of cosmetics is on its way (hihi). And I'm planning to buy more in the coming weeks. You can follow me on Twitter (@heyitsalyssayu) or Instagram (heyitsalyssayu) for  real time updates. Haha. :) 

Enjoy the photos!