Sunday, September 17, 2017

A Visit from Friends

Okay-- long story short, my friends Fran and Michelle visited me in Legazpi! I haven't seen them for a long time so I was really excited to see them and show them around my hometown. So what exactly happened in the two days that they were here? 

1. Visited Sumlang Lake and enjoyed a view of the majestic Mayon Volcano
2. Tried sili ice cream at Colonial Grill
3. Went hiking up the Quitinday Hills and watched the sunset
4. Dropped by Legazpi Boulevard and drank refreshing buko juice straight from the shell
5. Did some exercise by going up Lignon Hill
6. Tried the popular fried chicken from Four Seasons 
7. Went to Cagsawa Ruins to take photos

It was physically exhausting but we sure had loads of fun! Although I've stayed in Legazpi for more than fifteen years, this was actually my first time to go to Sumlang Lake and Quitinday Hills. Thank you for the visit, Fran and Michelle!

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Althea Food Skin Love Box Review

Ever since I moved back to my hometown this January, I find myself constantly browsing online shops. In fact, one of the things I miss most about Manila is that it has everything-- from clothes, bags, makeup, skincare products, to different types of food (Japanese, Italian, Mexican, French, Mediterranean) to various fitness activities (I terribly miss doing anti-gravity yoga). Name it, and Manila has it! Lol so anyway, I have limited access to all those things now because I only fly to Manila once or twice a month. I discovered this website called Althea around the same time I moved back to my hometown. It's a website that sells Korean beauty and skincare products. Talk about perfect timing!

I first ordered from Althea early this year which you can read about here. This is my third purchase from Althea and so far I'm happy with all my purchases. This time, I got a Food Skin Love Box which included eight full-sized products.