Monday, September 5, 2011

Simple and Sweet

My dad arrived last Wednesday and we had dinner in a Chinese restaurant with my cousins. After coming home from school, I changed into shorts and tied my hair. Usually, you can’t see me with my hair pulled back because I don’t want to expose my really wide forehead :) But that day was an exception. My hair looked really flat and no matter how I style it, it still looked the same, haha. 

I was trying to do a different pose in the last photo (you know, the hair flip thing) but EPIC FAIL, haha!

Banana Republic top
Guess shorts
Uniqlo belt
Converse Shoes


  1. cute! i have that same problem with my forehead!
    i've been loving your posts!

  2. Love the look, so pretty and fresh!

    Chloe @ Cinnamon Tan