Monday, January 9, 2012

Jean and Rosz!

I was allowed to have one accessory of my choice from Jean and Rosz's latest collection. It took me so long before I can decide which one. They have those one of a kind and attention grabbing pieces which I'm sure all fashionistas love to have! I chose this because I think it's a classic and because of its color, goes well with a lot of outfits. Their brand was already featured in different magazines and are being worn by popular bloggers. (So there, proof that it's really good!) And to add to that, they recently launched their first ever shoe collection!

If you want to see all their items, you can check their Facebook Page or their site (

Here are my top picks from their collections! (Please click button below.)

Awwww..  How cute!

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  1. beautiful necklace! It looks kinda heavy tho =)