Sunday, February 26, 2012

Flying Balloons

Here are some of the photos I took of the 'flying balloons'. Don't forget to click the button below for more photos! :)

That security guard just won't go away even just for a minute. Now he's included in everyone's photos! :)

This panda is too cute! I remember constantly looking for this picture in my camera to satisfy my 'cuteness' cravings, haha!

This is the last balloon to be inflated and probably the biggest. So cute, it even had one of its eyes closed!

Look, a flying car!

Group picture with the giant camera.

Thousands of people in attendance! Some even slept there for the night, can you spot the tents?

The cake is so girly!

Chocolate ice cream!

Went to Iguana's (previously Zapata's) for lunch. Definitely coming back here for some yummy Mexican food!

I've never seen this many kites in the sky. If I wasn't too tired and sleepy, I would've flown one too!


  1. these are really cute!

  2. Wow Flying ballon festival, so cute

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