Saturday, April 28, 2012

Pretty Laid-back Life

Sometimes, I make lists whenever I feel that my thoughts are all mixed up, like the moments where I don't know where to start. They really come in handy to help me organize my mind. You should try it as well! Here's my list:

1. My dad visited us in Manila and we ate at Lugang Cafe. It was my second time to eat there. I was so hungry I was able to take photos of only the first two dishes. I didn't post the other one here 'cause it looks ugly and unappetizing. Haha.

2. Laid-back outfit for a laid-back day. I just threw in some basic pieces such as this top and jeans, wore a necklace, tied my hair in a bun (I still owe you a tutorial on this one!) and voila, I'm ready to go! This type of outfits can be worn on lazy days, when you don't feel like mixing and matching clothes.

3. Awful picture quality = iPhone! No need to elaborate on this one.

4. Did you notice my new banner on my blog? The one with, '" and a girl on the left, that's supposed to be me- after I have my hair dyed. You see, I'm planning to color my hair brunettish-blonde (is there such thing?) for a while now and I'm gonna do it real soon. To avoid needing to edit the banner, I asked to have it made originally in that color. Thanks to my sister, Tricia for the banner!

One of my favorite Chinese dishes: Xiao Long Bao!


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