Saturday, June 23, 2012

Hair Twirl Tutorial

Want to learn how to make a bun in less than 15 seconds? Using this hair twirl from 1721, you can do just that! Click the button below for the instructions.

1. Gather you hair and twist it to form a bun.

2. Place the hair twirl over the bun.

3. Rotate the hair twirl clockwise until you feel that it's tight enough to hold your bun.

Easy! If you're already used to doing this, you can make a bun in much less time. Perfect for days when you're late for class/work but you still want to look put together. 

The bun I did here was a bit horrible because I was in so much hurry. You can do a nicer one if you do it more slowly. :)

To buy a hair twirl, you can visit the 1721 online shop.

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  1. So cool! Would love to try this out! ;)