Friday, July 6, 2012


I don't have a lot of photos to show you this time guys. The only decent ones I have are the ones when I was sitting on the floor. We were supposed to take pictures of me standing up so you can see my complete outfit but it started raining and the wind was getting really strong. This was one of the times when it's very hot and sunny one minute and rainy the next. You just can't predict the weather these days in Manila. I'm in a hurry so I gotta go! :) Watch out for my future outfit posts!

Tomato top
Guess skirt
Forever 21 shoes
Mango bag
Miss Sartorial detachable collar


  1. Lalalove your outfit lalo na yung shoes mo :> super love! :)) Keep posting , im a huge fan :> hehe


  2. the mango bag is so nice! Im the pickiest person when it comes to handbags but you have nice taste too!