Sunday, January 20, 2013

What to Wear When Shopping


Have you ever experienced being annoyed by what you're wearing while you're out shopping? You would tell yourself to wear something simpler and fuss-free the next time you go shopping for clothes. But every single time after that, you forget. I decided to make these tips so you can make a mental checklist on your mind before you leave the house. Hope you'll find them useful! :)

1. Wear tops with a big neckline so it'll be easier for you to slip in and out of clothes without ruining your hair and makeup.

2. Do not wear anything with sequins, delicate beadwork, or anything that may snag on the clothes you're trying on. I remember one time, I was trying on this lovely knit sweater and my watch suddenly got stuck when I was about to pull the sweater off.

3. Wear minimal accessories. A simple watch and bracelet will do. I don't advise wearing necklaces because I have to remove them every time I change clothes.

4. I prefer shorts or skirts when shopping because jeans and leggings are hard to get on and off especially tight-fitting ones.

5. Wear something simple. I read somewhere that if the clothes you're wearing when shopping are simple, you'll immediately notice if the clothes you're trying on fit you well.

6. Go for comfort in your choice of footwear. Use footwear that's easy to slip in and out of, such as flats. There were countless instances when I wore sandals with a lot of straps and buckles on it and I had to remove each one of them every time I tried something on. What I'm wearing in this outfit is a bit easier 'cause there's a zipper at the back. Avoid wearing heels because you'll probably get tired from walking. When you're tired, you'll end up buying something you don't really want, just to get it over with.

However, when you're checking for the length of a pair of jeans or dress, or when looking for something to go with your favorite pair of heels, it may be wise to wear them when shopping. If you don't prefer wearing heels when shopping, you can bring them with you instead.

There are no hard and fast rules on what to wear when shopping. Just remember that you have to be comfortable and confident with whatever you choose to wear. And don't forget to have fun!



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