Friday, March 1, 2013

Via's Debut: The Photo Shoot


My sister celebrated her 18th birthday on the 3rd of February at the Ruby Ballroom of Crowne Plaza Hotel. Just before the event started, we had a short photo shoot. I wasn't supposed to be part of this shoot but I tagged along so I can have pictures of my outfit. Do you know that I "almost" designed my dress here? I'm horrible when it comes to drawing and obviously, I can't illustrate what I'm thinking. The best way to communicate my ideas is to look for pictures from magazines or the internet and show it to the designer. Basically, I told the designer what I wanted by describing it and showing pictures, then he drew it for me and added minor details. What do you think of my dress? :)

Back to my sister's party- the theme was Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland- a darker version of the famous children's story. My sister was the Queen of Hearts, as if it isn't obvious enough. My other sister, Tricia is the one on the leftmost side of the picture. She's turning 18 next year! Yay! 

Anyway, the official photos haven't been released yet so enjoy the photos from my camera as of now! :)

Photos: Ralph Alejandrino








  1. From where I'm sitting, your sisters look like sisters, but you look like their cousin.

    Am I missing something (other than a few brain cells)?


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