Monday, April 29, 2013

One Summer Day


This would be a perfect outfit to wear to the beach, minus the wedges, of course. But the problem is my whole summer is preoccupied with internships. I'm having my hospital internship this month and soon I'll be staying in Antipolo (roughly a 2-hour ride from Manila) for my manufacturing internship this May. We are required to finish two hundred working hours for each area, and this will take up my entire summer. So you see, I don't have time to bask under the sun, swim and just do whatever other people are doing right now. It's so hot here in the city and everyday I can't help but think about the fun  my friends are having in various places around the world.

BUT THE GOOD NEWS IS... I'm finally graduating this October!!! I'm sure all my hardships and sacrifices would be worth it once I receive my diploma. And an additional "RPh" after my name wouldn't hurt either. :)





H&M top
Forever 21 shorts
Max Factor bag
CMG shoes
SM Dept Store hat


  1. beautiful outfit, love the colors, that first shot of you is absolute perfection . . .

  2. The bag is really pretty. I like the combination of the colors!