Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Korea Day 1


It was my first time going to Korea last April and the first thing that surprised me was the weather. When we arrived at around twelve midnight, it was freezing! I was literally shivering while walking down the streets. Coming from a country that is scorching hot throughout the year, my body is not very used to the cold. Luckily, I packed a lot of jackets to keep me warm for the entire trip. During the day, the weather was perfect, it was like having air-conditioning outdoors. When night time came, that's when it got chilly. After a while, I got used to it and was enjoying every second outdoors! Now I'm wishing that the Philippines would have the same weather!

Here are photos from our first day. (Click the button below!)

First stop was Kimchinara where we were taught how to make kimchi!


Next, we tried out the hanbok, the national costume of Korea. I looked silly in my hanbok because the top I was wearing underneath was very bulky lol.


We then spent the entire afternoon at Everland! We were lucky that we were able to catch the Tulips Festival. Everything was so colorful!


We saw bears, lions, and tigers up close!


Of course, we were well protected inside a bus the whole time.


Beautiful background scenery in Everland. You can still see some cherry blossom trees in the mountains behind the group of buildings/villas(?).




Terranova top
Uniqlo jacket
Calliope jeans
Therapy boots
Guess bag


  1. The photos of the bear playing feels so closely taken. It must be really scary. You look great as usual in your outfit in Korea.

  2. lovely outfit, love the nail polish,
    you deserve to have a good time