Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Strange Adventurer

I've been itching to travel for a long time so when the opportunity arose, I immediately took it. Last February, I chanced upon a sale in Cebu Pacific and found out that the plane fare to Taipei was insanely cheap. I didn't think twice and immediately bought tickets! It was an excellent destination because, first, Taiwan is only a two-hour plane ride from Manila, and second, one of my closest friends from college is actually staying near Taipei! We could definitely meet up there, I thought. Another one of my friends from college, Phya, (who's also a blogger!) decided to join us later on. Awesome!

We left Manila on a Thursday night, and arrived back in the Philippines early Monday morning (so technically, we just missed a day of work). There were lots of things planned for our first day in Taipei so I made sure to bring comfortable clothes. This was what I wore on our first day. Photos of the places we visited and the adventures we had on my next posts!

Dirty Bizzz top
Two Zero shorts
Forever 21 flats
Prada bag
Veloci watch

Photos by Franchesca Choi

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  1. You look especially beautiful when you travel.
    I love your sandals! More travel photos, please!