Monday, June 27, 2016

Alpha Strength Media Launch

I was invited to join the Media Launch of the newly opened gym Alpha Strength at the ground floor of Sparta Philippines along Pioneer St. and since I love working out, I couldn't find the heart in me to say no. We all participated in a one-hour workout, which was quite fun but physically challenging as well. We were then treated to some healthy snacks afterwards. 

Alpha Strength aims to make you the best, strongest version of yourself. With this goal in mind, they came up with three programs, each tailored to your fitness level -- Be Alpha is for building your physical and mental strength, and is ideal for beginners; Alpha 365 aims to optimize strength, agility, coordination, speed, power, and endurance; and Alpha Mode is all about maximizing your strength.

See below if you want to see some photos of the event. :)


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