Thursday, July 28, 2016

Guangzhou Getaway

Guangzhou (Canton) is surprisingly just a short two-hour train ride from Hong Kong. The train had comfortable seats and it even had a food car (yay!) for those with hungry tummies. Upon arrival in Guangzhou, the first order of business was to get a good look at the Canton Tower. The weather was warm and sunny, it was a perfect day to walk around and take photos. Below are some photos taken during my trip last May!

The Canton Tower

They have the best dimsum in Guangzhou!

We ordered an Alaskan king crab for lunch on our first day! *drooling over this while writing*

There was a long line at the stall that sells this mango ice cream/drink, so I really wanted to try it. I got so disappointed because the drink was terrible. :(

At the train to Guangzhou, we ordered beef with vegetables (left), and pork with egg (right). We were surprised that they served us dishes only containing vegetables, and egg. There was no meat! Lol. I still enjoyed it because it was my first time to eat inside the train!

In the metro, holding the tickets that look exactly like casino chips!

The things I love the most about Guangzhou are the spacious parks and lush greeneries. This park is right in the middle of the city and offers a wonderful view of the Canton Tower!


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