Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Althea Box #13: Vitamin Box Review

(Photo from Althea)

Hi guys! I just want to share with you my first ever purchase from Althea, an online store that carries Korean skincare and beauty products. The entire process was sooo convenient and hassle-free. I recently ordered a Vitamin Box which contained seven full-sized items for only Php 1,350 (regular price is at Php 6,006). I didn't encounter any problems. AT ALL. My order even qualified for free shipping -- yay!

It arrived in two boxes (because the products couldn't fit into one lol) and they were heavy! Both boxes and products were securely covered in bubble wrap.

Althea guarantees arrival of all packages within 15 business days, but mine arrived in just a week!

Here's what I think about each product:

Gwa II Na Ra Banana Milk Body Cleanser. It's packaged in an adorable yellow plastic container and makes a cute addition to my shower essentials! It lathers quite well and makes my skin smooth but I find the banana scent too artificial.

The SAEM: Max Perfection Firming Multi Cleanser. Effectively removes light makeup (bb cream, blush, eyebrow pencil). Haven't tried it though to remove eyeshadow, eyeliner or mascara.

Holika Holika 3 Seconds Booster Vita Complex. Moisturizes my face really well and dries out quickly after application which makes it an excellent base to my daily makeup. Smells great too!

a;t fox Gyoolpy Tea Fresh Water. The scent might come off too strong for others. I suggest spraying only a little amount if it's your first time using the product.

Mizon Vita Lemon Calming Cream. This is the best of the bunch! It's thick and moisturizing. The scent is excellent and makes me feel that I just came from a facial every time I use it.

Petitfee Oil Blossom Lip Mask. Just a very moisturizing lip balm, nothing special about the product.

Let Me Skin Ultra H20 Modeling Pack. One pack contains two sets of masks and a plastic spatula. Preparation is quite fun because you do the mixing yourself. Application can get messy though, and  make sure not to take too long because the mixture dries out fast.

As for the products' expiry dates, all are expiring in 2019 except for the Gyoolpy Tea Fresh Water, the Let Me Skin Modeling Pack, and the Oil Blossom Lip Mask which are expiring next year.

I highly recommend this box to all ladies who love experimenting with various skincare products. This is definitely worth every cent. Hurry and grab yours before it runs out!


  1. The box contains product that's delicate to the body. It also comes with a light and fruity scent.

  2. Hey this is quite a find. And the price is reasonable for such a generous sampler of all their products. I am sure you will find something there you'd like to buy again.

  3. I really like fruit essence in skincare. So thanks for introducing the brand to me. Let me check that out.

  4. What a big catch you've got for a very affordable price. Your 13 vitamin box is full of girl-must-have.

  5. These are amazing!! I definitely consider myself a huge skeptic when it comes to acne products because I have tried EVERYTHING to get rid of my acne.