Saturday, May 20, 2017

The Farm at San Benito: Activities

Some of the things that made me excited for my trip to The Farm at San Benito were the activities! Every day, the staff hands you the list of activities for the next day with their respective timeslots. They usually hold classes for yoga, qi gong, taichi, meditation, power walk, and flower arrangement, and when you're lucky, you can even join a cooking class!

The first class we tried was the Meditation class early in the morning. It was slow-paced and mostly composed of breathing exercises. It was a pretty great way to start the day.

Next was the yoga class. I didn't find it challenging enough though, they probably tailored it to be suitable for all age groups.

Qi gong was also quite boring since it completely consisted of slow, repeated movements. For those people looking for much livelier activities, I guess you can try the power walk.

I couldn't contain my laughter because this was the first time I did a full lotus pose! I couldn't hold it for that long though lol.

You can also choose to meditate on your own in the resort's various meditation areas.

The flower arrangement class was definitely unexpected. I thought we would learn how to arrange flowers in a vase, but it turned out that we would be doing it on a basin filled with water! This was what we came up with:

Never a dull moment during our stay here!

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