Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Islas de Gigantes Day 1

A blog post about a trip taken nine months back? Yep! Lol. 

So anyway, I went with a few friends to Islas de Gigantes (or Gigantes Islands), a group of islands located at the northeastern part of Iloilo. To get there, we took a flight headed to Roxas City, stayed there overnight, then took a car ride and a boat ride on the following day. Travel time is much shorter as compared to flying from Manila to Iloilo City.

We had an early breakfast at Cafe Terraza, a nice restaurant on top of a hill which offered a good view of Roxas City.

Don't exactly remember how long the car ride was but when it was time for us to ride the boat, I got really excited. I couldn't wait to see the islands!

Almost there....

And there it was! The beach looked amazing from afar.

We had a hefty meal composed of lots of seafoods. Although the serving time was quite long (because they start preparing/cooking the dishes only after you order), it was worth it!

Would you believe that scallops cost only Php1 per piece?!

We unpacked our stuff and rested for a little while before taking off to explore a nearby island.

We visited the ruins of a Spanish colonial lighthouse and took lots of photos! Lol. It also had a fascinating view of the sea.

On our way back to the island where we would be staying, we saw this beautiful sunset.

Definitely a day well spent! Happenings of day 2 on my next post!!


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