Sunday, March 11, 2018

Spartan Race 2018 Alviera

In my previous post, I mentioned that I would be joining the Spartan Race this February 24 at Alviera, Pampanga. In fact, I joined the Sprint which covered 6km distance and included around 23 obstacles. And yup, you guessed it, I emerged VICTORIOUS!! 

To tell you the truth though, I was hell bent on backing out when I was there. Five minutes before the start time, I haven't applied sunblock, haven't worn any of the race bands, and haven't gone to the restroom to pee (btw, didn't get a chance to pee until after I finished the race lol)! It was 1pm, everybody already started running while I was still at the starting line, hastily applying sunblock all over my body! It was such a hilarious moment come to think of it.

Thanks to my friend who convinced me to push through with the race even if it was extremely dusty and scorchingly hot that day. Spartan Race + Alviera = not a good combination. Case in point: we had to keep our noses and mouths covered for the entire duration of the race because it was really dusty. 

Obstacles I conquered (!!!):
Wall jumps
Barbed wire crawl (2x)
Slippery wall
Atlas carry
Sandbag carry
Bucket carry
Plate drag
Inverted wall
Cargo net
Over under through
Rolling mud
Dunk wall
Fire jump

Obstacles I skipped OR completed but needed help:
Rope climb
Clif-multi rig
Monkey bars
Spear throw
Hercules hoist

I'm missing a few more obstacles but I can't remember which ones. Lol. I didn't exactly do a lot of training for this so I wasn't aiming to complete all the obstacles. I'm just glad that I finished the race (and got a really cool medal for it)! Woot!


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