Saturday, December 17, 2011

Blogger's United Haul

Hey guys! Just a quick post.
I'm still not that well after getting food poisoning several days ago. So to make my time at home useful, I'll share with you the photos of the things I bought during the Blogger's United 2. (And hopefully, I'll get better tomorrow.)

A blazer from Joanna Ladrido.

A corset from ... (sorry, I don't know who she is)
Originally, a corset is included in my wish list (in my post here) but I changed it on the last minute because I had this! :)

A skirt from Patricia Prieto.

A clutch bag from Accessorize. Useful for night outs when I don't need to bring so much stuff.

And these sunglasses. The two sunglasses on the right are from Laureen Uy while the one on the left is from Accessorize. That one is the closest thing I can get to my dream sunglasses(see post here). Had to mix in candies from the stash in our room to add a bit of color into the photo.

I also got these bracelets from Tomato and a past issue of Meg Magazine.

Watch out for my next entry where I'll be showing you what I wore on Blogger's United 2! :)

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  1. Awww... get well soon Alyssa...

    Btw, nice hauls! I especially like the blazer and the skirt. =)