Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Rainy Day

This is a simple outfit I wore for school today. After school, me and my sister went to the World Bazaar Festival (at World Trade Center) for some errands. I'm loving the pink-red combo lately so I rummaged my accessories drawer and took all the reds and the pinks I can find, and I realized there weren't many. (See last photo!) I didn't expect the weather to be rainy so I brought sunglasses. Luckily, the rain lasted for a short while so I was able to take outfit photos! Now, to the more important part of my post: if you just wanna see my outfit for the day and you're already growing tired of seeing my annoying face do weird and awkward poses (haha), do not click the button below. I had so much fun running around and taking jump shots, most of them being quite funny and embarrassing. 

P.S. Did you notice that my sunglasses are shaped like lips? You'll know where I bought it (together with some other stuff) in my next post! :)

Uniqlo jeggings
Tory Burch flats


  1. Hi dear! I love your shades and your Tory Burch shoes.. =) take care. followed you my dear..

  2. Hi Alyssa!
    It's been a while since I made my last visit.
    I'm really busy these days. I like your sunglasses! :)