Monday, May 28, 2012

Caramoan Day 1

As promised, here are the photos from the first day of our Caramoan trip! It's a three-hour drive from Legazpi, followed by a boat ride for two to three hours. A glass of iced tea was waiting for each of us when we arrived. We stayed in Tugawe Island Cove which has like, around 200 steps to go to the restaurant and pool. And a little less than that to go to the villas. The orange coverup I was wearing above belongs to my cousin:)

P.S. I hate the reflection of the water on the first photo. It makes me look like I have thick, flabby legs. Haha.

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Photos by Anaissa Sy.

Orange coverup from Monkee Business


  1. Such a pretty place to relax!! =)

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  2. I am very jealous of your beach bod. haha. see you soon?

    1. Phya! There's nothing to be jealous about! I had to discard a lot of other photos because I look really really fat in them. Haha! See you Friday! :)

  3. pretty pictures :)

  4. Hi, I saw your blog from a Chictopia forum. Your pictures look absolutely stunning! It makes me excited for summer weather. Dont worry about the reflection on your legs, it shows that you didn't photoshop and its authentic.

    <3 Miianne

  5. you look so gorgeous! love the post! following you xo
    please follow me too!:)

  6. These pictures and nature are stunning :)