Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Sweet Kisses

Wore this floral top from Cosmopolitan (which I also wore here) and this skirt from Forever 21. I'm very much into florals and bright colors (okay, so not me, haha) lately because it's summer!! I'm actually wearing two necklaces here. The black and silver chain, which I got from Jean and Rosz can also be worn as a headpiece and a belt. Talk about versatility! The one with the silver pendant goes with a simple black chain. If you think one necklace is not enough to spice up your outfit, you can try layering them, making it seem like you're just wearing one necklace but with added 'oomph'.


  1. love your top and your necklace alyssa :))

  2. Can I steal your entire outfit?

    (I'm going to attempt to draw one of these photos!)

    The Tall Blonde Artist

    1. OMG, Kat! Sure thing! :) Send me the link afterwards and I'm gonna post it in my blog! :)

    2. Done! I altered it a bit so that I can still sell it in my Etsy shop without feeling like a weirdo. It's inspired by your post/outfit! :P (Hope it's not too underwhelming; I'm a total amateur artist!)

  3. Followed you in Chicsimo, Hope you'll follow back :)

  4. Visited your blog again and browse your posts. You have a beautiful face! :)