Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Snoe Here Comes the Sunblock SPF45

I told you before in one of my previous posts that I'll be posting reviews of some Snoe beauty products. This one in particular is my favorite- the Here Comes the Sunblock Instant White SPF 45 Sun Lotion with Singkamas. I was a bit hesitant to buy this at first because I have lots of sunblock products at home, but the ones I met at the Snoe bloggers event convinced me to buy one for myself, saying that it really is good. Unlike other sunblock formulations, this one is non-greasy. There's no need to apply powder afterwards to make your face look less oily. Also, it is very smooth and easy to apply. You only need a small amount for your whole face. One bottle will last for a few months if you use it every day on your face, and less when you use it on your arms as well. Aside from the sun protection, this product gives you a whiter complexion instantly and also has anti-aging properties. Most of the time, I use this as a substitute for BB cream because it gives the same result on my face, with the added advantage of a high SPF. And lastly, it's very affordable! 

Too good to be true? Try one now and see for yourself! :)
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