Sunday, December 9, 2012

Wild Child

I haven't worn this jacket ever since I bought it at H&M. The heat here in the Philippines made it literally impossible for me to wear this on a regular day. So the second I knew that I'd be going to the extremely cold SMX for fashion week, I made a mental note to myself to wear the things that I've barely worn, specially those pieces intended for colder weather. At first, I wanted to pair this jacket with my leather pants but figured that I might have a hard time walking due to my leather pants being insanely tight. I settled for this skirt instead and went match-y match-y with my wedges.

With Phya and her sister.

H&M jacket
Forever 21 top
Peaches on Top skirt
Louis Vuitton bag
Robinson's dept store shoes


  1. I'm sure that jacket would have looked great with your leather pants, but it looks great with that black skirt too. You'd slay them either way . . .