Thursday, July 25, 2013

Mint and Navy

IMG_9593This was one of the days I was feeling experimental with my outfit. Now who would've thought that mint and navy would go together? In this particular look, I tried to add a casual vibe to an otherwise polished look by wearing a loose sweater with this origami skirt from The Sweet Cloth.  Do you think I pulled it off? :)

  IMG_9523 IMG_9499IMG_9497 IMG_9562 IMG_9487 Forever 21 top
Lacoste bag
Cotton On flats
Twinkies Inc. necklace


  1. love the color combination, but not really feeling the style of the skirt

  2. Love this look alyssa :) Missed reading your blog :> ive been into hiatus . hehe :)) btw, you're so gorgeous !


  3. Just happen to pass by... love those mint sweater, by the way. :)