Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Moonleaf Beats

The Makati branch of Moonleaf Tea Shop at The Columns celebrated their first anniversary with their event 'Moonleaf Beats'. For a whole week, they gave out discounts, free add-ons, and eco-friendly planners to customers. The celebration was capped off with an evening of nice acoustic music by Ai Dela Cruz, LM Cancio, and Ebe Dancel. A photo booth was set up outside the shop and lots of raffle prizes were given away.

One thing most of you don't know about me is that I get an upset stomach whenever I drink anything with milk so I've never been a fan of milk tea. Oftentimes I just order regular cold tea or fruit tea. Several months ago, I ordered a Wintermelon Oolong Tea at the same branch but was very surprised when the drink came out too sweet. This time around, I was extra careful in choosing what to order. I eventually settled on Honey Aloe Vera because it was different from the other drinks that were being offered and it seemed like a safe choice. When I first took a sip, I knew I ordered the right drink! It tasted like honey water with aloe vera and just the right amount of sweetness. When you're looking for a drink other than the traditional milk teas, this one's an excellent alternative!

Together with the drinks, French macarons were also served which I enjoyed very much. A little too sweet for my taste but hey, all macarons are meant to be sweet. I also got to try their beef turnover, but my tummy would've appreciated it so much more if it was served hot. Everything else was good though. :)

Thank you Moonleaf Tea Shop for an enjoyable night!

Photos by Phya Pineda. Thanks also for inviting me to go with you! :)

IMG_8944 IMG_8947 IMG_8962 IMG_8954 IMG_8958 Tigerlily top 
Raspberry jeggings 
CMG flats


  1. I just realized that your arms really look toned here!


  2. You look absolutely gorgeous in this outfit, Alyssa!
    Love your shoes, and the red toe-nail polish is a nice touch . . .