Sunday, September 29, 2013

A Different Side of Me


Whenever I browse the blogs of fashion bloggers, I always notice that they have such expressive faces and fierce poses that make their photos look like pages taken from fashion editorials. Almost all of the time though, they're not smiling. Apparently, it has been a trend for models in fashion magazines to always look serious (dramatic, alluring, fierce, etc) and let the outfit do the talking. I, for one, was influenced by this trend and tried to do the same thing, but then I realized that it's also great to show some emotion and smiles from time to time.

So instead of my usual serious poses, here are some photos of me smiling, messing around, and having fun!


Some people say I look Korean, so here I am doing a Korean pose! Do you think I pass off as one in this photo?

H&M top
H&M skirt
French Connection cardigan
Cotton On flats

Last two photos by Anaissa Sy.
The rest by Von Yu.
Thank you both! :)