Monday, September 16, 2013



Hey everyone! I haven't been posting lately because school has been eating up my free time! It's getting crazier and crazier by the day because it's my last semester in college. As the next chapter of my life starts to unfold, I find myself thinking more and more - about my future, my passions, and most especially how to achieve my dreams. During my journey I have gone through several problems and setbacks, and what I learned is this: Despite the obstacles that bar our way, we have to keep going. These obstacles are just life's simple challenges to prepare us for the real world. What's important is that we never lose sight of our goals. :)

The colorful outfit is to celebrate what's in store for me in the coming months! Wish me luck! :)

IMG_2411 IMG_2418 IMG_2429

Robinson's dept store top
Robinson's dept store leggings
Bebe bag
Madden Girl flats
Peaches On Top sunnies


  1. you look gorgeous and i love the pictures

    Will you like to follow eachother

    1. Thank you Sandy!
      Left a comment on your blog as well! <3

  2. Hi Alyssa. I love your sweater and we have the same bebe bag from the event ♥ SUPER LIKE!

    1. Hi Rochelle!
      Didn't see you at the bebe launch but hope to see you in other events!
      Thanks for dropping by! <3

  3. Great look you have here dear! so gorg! :)