Saturday, July 26, 2014



There's something about jumpsuits that catches my attention while shopping. For one, it looks super glam on its own, no need to mix and match: just add some accessories and finish off with a fab pair of heels. Definitely one of my top picks when I'm in a hurry to get ready! However, it was only recently that I realized I already had a floral jumpsuit in my closet (see this post) which I rarely got to wear. Oh well, one can never have too many lol.

P.S. Notice that my hair turns copper in yellow light? Under natural light, my hair looks like the one in the photo below. Which color do you prefer? :)

IMG_8209 IMG_8203 IMG_8199 IMG_8211

LCC jumpsuit
Zara heels

Photos by Ben Bigalbal


  1. Love the copper highlights, and you look exceptionally beautiful in this photo shoot. Great job!

  2. Cute jumper! I just find it a hassle to take off whenever I have to go to the restroom haha :P