Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Birthday Girl


It came as a big surprise when my parents asked me if I wanted to spend my birthday in Singapore. Well, why not? We spent three days there, mostly just eating and shopping. Lol. If I remember correctly, this was my fourth visit to Singapore. I didn't actually expect that I'd still be amazed at how beautiful the place is. And everything's just so efficient and organized! I mean, in my entire stay, I didn't see any traffic in the streets. In fact, it's very fast and easy to travel from one place to another. And plants are everywhere, even in the busiest of streets!

I had a simple dinner with my parents on my birthday at Pizzeria Mozza in Marina Bay Sands (review coming soon!). Thinking that the weather in Singapore would be the same in Manila (back when it wasn't raining that much yet), I packed only thin and lightweight pieces. Wrong move! It was chillier there, and it rained everyday during our stay. It was lucky that the rain only lasted a few hours each time, so we were still able to go around the city.

My mom insisted we take a picture in front of the fountain at Marina Bay Sands lol.


Greenhills top
Peaches on Top skirt
SM Dept Store shoes
Dorothy Perkins clutch


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