Saturday, November 29, 2014

Veloci Watch Collection Launch


A watch is definitely one of the things I can't live without. I get so panicky and anxious whenever I'm running late for my errands, so I make it a point to wear a watch every single day to accurately keep track of the time.

A new watch brand, Veloci, was introduced to us (actually, just to me, because the rest of them already knew about this brand) a few weeks ago at Highlands Prime Steakhouse. We had a sumptuous lunch of tomato salad, prime rib steak, and choco caramel cake. Afterwards, we were given a preview of their two new collections -- the Pulse and the Metro collections. Both were wonderfully designed, I must say! We then went to their kiosk to choose which watches to take home. Yay!

IMG_9143 IMG_9166 IMG_9158 IMG_9150

The Pulse collection is available in six colors so as to cater to different peoples' tastes. These are perfect for those who have a dynamic and adventurous lifestyle. I initially wanted to get the one in turquoise, but I found it to be too big and overwhelming for my small wrist. A lot of bloggers got one from this collection though!

IMG_7966 IMG_7967

And here's the Metro collection. Now this perfectly matches my taste! In contrast to the Pulse where there's so much going on in the watch, the Metro has a very straightforward and minimalistic design. It's simple yet striking at the same time. My obvious choice was the black one with white accents!

IMG_7971 IMG_7969

Aside from the Pulse and Metro collections, they also have the Aeronaute, the Voyager, and the Cruise, which I think you should check out! Veloci watches are available at the Veloci kiosk in SM MOA, as well as in L Time Studio, Asprey, and select SM department stores.


Here, I'm wearing the Voyager in black and gold.

IMG_7982 IMG_7980

Virtual Tianggean top and shorts
Sunnies Studios Sunglasses
Michael Kors shoes

Outfit shots by Ben Bigalbal