Thursday, July 23, 2015

Taipei Day 3

For our third and last day in Taipei, we made sure to visit the popular sights and landmarks in Taiwan. We couldn't go home without seeing the Chiang Kai Shek Hall or the Taipei 101, right? :)

Taking advantage of the clear, sunny day that morning, we visited Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall. I didn't realize that the entire compound was so big you could easily lose your way!

Unfortunately, the huge arch was being renovated at the time so we settled for this smaller arch for our pictures.

We were told that we couldn't leave Taiwan without trying some authentic Taiwanese breakfast dishes. Even though we already had breakfast, we went back to Ximending for breakfast no. 2!

Ximending is the perfect place to try authentic Taiwanese food without the steep price. There were rows and rows and rows of food stalls to choose from.

Their soymilk is the best ever! When I come back to Taipei, I will definitely grab some soymilk for breakfast (or probably for any meal of the day lol).

Then, we had lunch at Modern Toilet. There wasn't any Modern Toilet branch in Manila so I was quite excited for this. Here's a photo with Phoebe (below, lower left) before she dropped us off at the restaurant. It's thanks to her that we found our way around Chiang Kai Shek Hall and Ximending. Thanks for showing us around, Phoebe!

The dishes at Modern Toilet were very much in theme, as you can see below. Lol. Taste and quality was so-so.

To cap it off: poop ice cream for dessert!

In a sea of shoppers at Ximending.

While walking around, we saw a store that served mango shaved ice. During this time we were trying to shove as many street food as we could into our mouths because we would be catching our flight in a few hours!

Before going to the airport, we had one last stop. We wouldn't want to leave without seeing the Taipei 101.  It used to be the word's tallest building in 2004 before it was surpassed by Dubai's Burj Khalifa last 2010.

We went to the Observatory and got the chance to see the Taipei skyline from 1,285 feet up. It was such an exhilarating experience!

My Taipei trip was truly one for the books! There were so many beautiful sights, the food was great, and the weather was perfect. Everything was made even better because I was with friends!

Wear Easy dress
Prada bag
Prada sunglasses
Sam & Libby shoes

Photos from Phya

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