Monday, August 3, 2015



Rainy season has started and the time for sweaters and jackets has begun! I actually despise the rainy season because of the overcast skies and constant rain (including the flood that almost always comes with it). How I wish it's always summer! I especially love staying outdoors -- or better yet, lounging on the beach all day! But that won't happen anytime soon, lol. On a brighter note, at least I get to wear the coats and jackets that have been sitting on my closet the entire summer, right? How about you, what do you like about the rainy season? :)

Because of the gloomy weather these past few days, I found it fitting to post this outfit -- one of my last few photos taken on a bright sunny day during summertime.

IMG_5026 IMG_5016 IMG_5024

Forever 21 top
SM Woman skirt
Michael Kors bag
CMG wedges

Photos by Ben Bigalbal

Before I end this post, I would just like to say something about the online store Lazada. Have you heard that it now has a mobile app? Last May 21, Lazada kicked off its 4-day Big App Sale exclusively on their mobile app. New promotions and deals were added four times a day and an extra 10% discount was given on a certain product category per day. To make things even better, Lazada opened a Php99 store where you can choose among 100 items for a price of Php99 each! (If you haven't heard, I got my iPhone from Lazada a few months back. It was such a steal!) To download the app, just search 'Lazada' from the App Store/Play Store, and then download!


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