Tuesday, August 18, 2015


We had just arrived in San Francisco, but I was already itching to see the Golden Gate Bridge! And what better way to enjoy the view than from the wonderful city of Sausalito?

The SF clique!! This photo was taken at Sausalito right after we got off the ferry. We left the Ferry Building in downtown SF at around noon, shortly after having lunch. (Have I mentioned that the food there is insanely expensive?! Lol.)

Sausalito was AWESOME! Everywhere I looked, the view was picturesque. You could get a glimpse of the bay from almost anywhere in the city. If I had lots of extra cash, I would definitely buy a house here lol.

My first good view of the Golden Gate Bridge. It wasn't much, but who would say no to a quick photo op?

And ta-da! Here's our family photo with the Golden Gate Bridge in the background (and my dad behind the lens). We walked all the way from the Sausalito ferry terminal to the northern part of the Golden Gate Bridge just to have a quick glimpse. It was a 3-4 mile long walk to the bridge, and another 3-4 miles back. I'm glad we made it! My black boots turned brown afterwards because of the dust and soil! Lol.

Resting for a bit while on our way back. All the walking got us completely exhausted, not to mention hungry. We had dinner at a quaint Italian restaurant just across the shoreline, and I must say I have never enjoyed Italian food as much as I did there. (P.S. Spot my brown boots! Lol.)

Just one of the scenic places we passed by on our walk. This part of the city was strangely quiet, and all we could see were hills, trees, and a few buildings here and there. People? Almost little to none.

I was in awe when I first saw the Golden Gate Bridge. It was much much bigger than I had imagined. I didn't get the chance to cross the bridge though. Maybe on my next visit? :)

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