Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Highlights of 2015

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There are no words to express how awesome my 2015 was! I learned so many things, embarked on various adventures, met new people, and experienced some great firsts. Read through the entire post to know why 2015 was one for the books! :)

Took a two-week trip to the West Coast with my family. I traveled more frequently in 2015 than in the previous years, but our two-week family trip to the US tops the list! This was not my first time in the US (I've been to the East Coast), but this was my first time in the West Coast. I got to visit San Francisco, LA, and Las Vegas, and finally saw the Grand Canyon with my own eyes!

Went to Taiwan with friends. My first out-of-town trip with friends (that included a plane ride) was in Boracay last 2014. Due to conflicts in schedule, it took us quite some time to schedule the next one, but I was glad it pushed through!

Got my first taste of the corporate world. It was a big decision for me to go into corporate and to an industry I knew nothing about (Power!). And it turned out to be one of the best decisions I made this year (strictly speaking, I made the decision last December 2014, but still). Lol.  

And since I already have a steady amount of cash coming in every month, I saved up and made my first big purchase: an iPhone 6 plus! I really love this phone and shortly after buying it, I told myself that those months of hard work paid off! Using my own money to buy something like this was definitely a huge deal for me!

First time being maid of honor. Okay, I never thought I would be picked out as maid of honor EVER, and I was extremely touched that I was chosen by my cousin to be her maid of honor. <3

Climbed Mt. Pulag. Okay, so I've never climbed a mountain before and I couldn't believe that my first climb would be the highest peak in Luzon (and the third highest mountain in the Philippines)! Plus, it was extremely cold and windy at the summit where we had to wait for the sun to rise. Being someone who couldn't tolerate the cold very well, I was lucky I'm still alive. Lol.

First time to watch a concert. Yup first-timer here. I never knew concerts could be awesome! And Zedd's beats were greaaaat!

Learned how to drive. This has got to be the most useful skill I learned this year. I now drive myself to and from work every day and I no longer have to rely on others to give me a ride. I can now take myself to various places in the metro -- malls, restaurants, churches, and sometimes even outside the metro like Tagaytay or Batangas!

Learned how to be spontaneous. I wasn't the most spontaneous person in the world. I used to have fixed plans for everything and it was very hard for me to change these plans along the way. Last 2015, I decided to be a mixture of both -- I wanted to be someone who plans ahead but is ready to change everything on the spot when a good opportunity comes along. My 2015 was filled with spontaneous and unplanned road trips and out-of-town travels - Canyon Cove in Batangas, Tagaytay on a weekend, food trip at BF Homes, Paranaque, Wakeboarding at Nuvali. And this definitely made my life much more interesting and colorful!

VoilaJars 3-Step Jar Cakes, the business I started with Ryan last 2014, grew this 2015. Aside from our existing dealers, our products are now available at Robinsons Department Stores and Landmark Supermarkets. Although the year was full of hardships and struggles usual in a startup business, it was still pretty amazing that we ended this year with a bang!

So, that's it! My 2014 was great, 2015 was better, and I have a feeling that 2016 will be even more awesome! To more great adventures!


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