Thursday, March 17, 2016

Phuket Day 2

The second day was no doubt the highlight of our trip. We went island hopping to the various beaches of Phi Phi Islands (apparently, there are two Phi Phi Islands -- Phi Phi Lay, and Phi Phi Don). We visited Khai Nok Island, Monkey Beach, Viking Cave, Pileh Lagoon, and Maya Bay.

The weather was warm and sunny. A perfect day for island hopping!

It was quite hard to take good pictures at Khai Nok Island because speedboats were everywhere! Was just lucky to chance upon this area where there was nothing but the clear blue waters expanding into the horizon.

There were monkeys literally everywhere at Monkey Island! Most of them loved interacting with the tourists. Such adorable creatures they were (but a bit scary up close)! Lol.

The beach at Monkey Island was the best place for swimming. The sand was powdery soft and there weren't any rocks. It was also considerably less crowded than the other islands.

Our last stop was Maya Beach. The waters were too shallow for our speedboat so we had to stop in the middle of the sea around fifty meters away from the shore. Then we were instructed to walk towards the beach. The water was waist-deep and the walk seemed easy enough but it turned out to be a big torture! There were rocks everywhere and most of them had sharp crevices. Almost all of us got cuts and blisters on our feet. :(

We got pretty exhausted after all the swimming so almost all of us fell asleep on the way home. Lol.

After a few minutes of rest and a quick shower, we headed to Sam's Steaks and Grill for a scrumptious dinner.

This restaurant had very good reviews online and it definitely didn't disappoint. Service and food were top-notch! We only ordered Wagyu Steak, Angus Sirloin, and a bottle of wine, but they served us a complete meal with bread, appetizers, sherbet, and dessert, on the house!


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