Monday, April 17, 2017

Ho Chi Minh Day 2: Cooking Class

Our first day was packed with activities. Yes it was exhausting but also loads of fun! If you haven't read my writeup about it yet, you may do so here.

On day two, our group joined a cooking class and we felt like farmers for a day! Before we started preparing the dishes, we gathered and harvested all the necessary ingredients. We were taught on how to pick various herbs, vegetables, and even mushrooms and were given an overview on the medicinal uses of each. Read on to find out what I cooked! 

Okay, so before we even arrived in Vietnam, I already booked a cooking class for our group. And apparently, we got to choose which dishes to cook from their long long list of Vietnamese dishes.

I didn't know mushrooms could be grown in containers like these lol.

The first dish I prepared was papaya salad topped with barbecued pork. It looks terrible I know. I accidentally overcooked the pork so it turned dark and became super tough. Lol.

So you probably know by now that I'm a bad cook. Lol. Surprisingly, some of the dishes I prepared turned out to be okay. My favorite was the stew chicken with ginger, lemongrass, and basil cooked in a clay pot. Again, the photo looks terrible lol but it tasted great! *gives myself a pat on the back*

I also made stir fry noodles with chicken which I found to be just average.

Pictured below is the mung bean soup -- apparently it's considered a dessert in Vietnam! This was so easy to make and I would probably try preparing this at home.

I cooked only four dishes but it took me more than half a day! Lol.

If you're looking for a cooking class to take in Ho Chi Minh, I recommend booking with HCM Cooking Class. The people were friendly, funny, and super patient. I have almost nonexistent experience in cooking but I found the pace of this class to be perfect. Already included in their rates were pickup and dropoff at your hotel but only in selected districts.

Afterwards, we headed to Miu Miu Spa which was right across our hotel for that much needed relaxation. I chose the signature massage and it was like the best massage ever! We were even given some treats when the massage was over.

Our last day in Ho Chi Minh on my next post!


  1. never thought of joining a cooking class on a trip. great idea. lovely pictures of food. makes one hungry

  2. Wow this is a very interesting activity for those who love to cook and love to learn new cuisines. I think my wife will like to join this if ever because she loves Vietnamese food.

  3. Wow, what an awesome experience. i have always been wanting to enroll myself in a cooking class, since I always love to cook, but I always don't get a chance. Cooking 4 dishes almost half day is sounds great! You must really love cooking and makes sure that you cook it well.

    1. Actually I'm not that into cooking but yeah I had so much fun when I tried it! :)

  4. joining a cooking class on a trip. will be awesome, thanks for this post.

  5. This is so interesting...The photos are bright..I loved the vegetables and farm. Wonderful idea to join cooking classes while travelling.

  6. Reading your post and looking at the photos make me want to pack my bags and head for Hi Chi Minh City! What a wonderful and productive trip.