Monday, April 24, 2017

Ho Chi Minh Day 3: Search for Authentic Vietnamese Coffee

This day was officially allotted to Vietnamese coffee. You know, complete with the coffee filter and all lol. We searched the web for a good place that offered it and was glad that we found one several minutes away from our hotel. The coffee shop-slash-restaurant was called Cafe Runam and it gave off the same vibe as the TWG branches back home.

We were supposed to be there just for lunch but we didn't notice the time and ended up staying there until past 5!

We then walked towards Ben Thanh Market for some last minute shopping before our flight but when we arrived, the stores were about to close! Good thing we were still able to buy some stuff for our loved ones back home.

We had a quick dinner at a Japanese fast food which had the same concept as Go Bento in BGC where you just grab whatever you want from the chiller and pay for them at the counter. Since they were about to close for the night, everything was 50% off! We got all these for only around Php150!

Then, we had dessert at Hurom Juice Cafe!

And just like that our Ho Chi Minh trip was over! I'm so happy and thankful that we got to do everything in just three days. See you again soon, Vietnam!


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