Thursday, January 11, 2018

Harbin Day 2

Now this is when the fun begins! This day was pretty exciting because our itinerary was packed with lots of places to visit. But before going anywhere, we had to have our winter gear ready. Apparently, everything we brought from Manila weren't enough for Harbin's subzero temperatures. We had to make a quick stop at a local store selling winter clothes to buy thicker ones. 

We then headed to St. Sophia Cathedral (this used to be an Orthodox church and was now turned into a museum), had lunch at an Irish restaurant, visited Sun Island, dropped by the Harbin Opera House, enjoyed a hotpot dinner at an ice room at Shangri-la Hotel Ice Palace, and went to the Grand Ice and Snow World.

Woke up to this view!

The outfit that didn't make it. Harbin was too cold for these clothes! I had to change my pants to thicker ones and traded this hat into a white, furry one.

Time for lunch! Restaurant staff would go around the tables and serve different meats and sausages.

Ice cream for the freezing weather.

First time to see ice sculptures here at Sun Island!

Harbin Opera House.

Warming our freezing hands at Shangri-la hotel lobby.

Hotpot dinner at Shangri-la Hotel Ice Palace. The entire structure was actually made of ice!

Last stop for the day: Grand Ice and Snow World!


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