Sunday, January 14, 2018

Harbin Day 3

After breakfast, we checked out from Sheraton Hotel in Harbin and went on a 6.5-hour bus ride to China Snow Town stopping by a ski resort along the way for lunch. We were informed by our tour guide that we would be walking the entire stretch of China Snow Town for 20 to 30 minutes in the freezing cold with our luggage in tow to get to our hotel. Surprisingly, the walk wasn't as bad as expected. Although the cold was sometimes difficult to bear, it was quite fun actually! The houses and shops looked adorable with snow covering their roofs. It was interesting to see street vendors selling frozen fruits and ice cream no longer needing a freezer-- the goods were just placed on tables! 

We arrived at the hotel late afternoon and had little time to go around the village before dinner starts. We still did anyway. Lol. 

Snow beer!

Dead animals on the walls of the ski resort where we had lunch :(

Didn't really enjoy the food today. Lol. Almost all of them were cooked the same way and they even looked the same!

The photo below was taken during our long walk to the hotel with our luggage in hand.

View from our hotel at China Snow Town.

Ending the night early because I was too excited to ride the snowmobile early morning the next day!


  1. That giant drum looks awesome, hope you had a great time in the snow town.

    1. Definitely! It was actually my first time to see snow. Thanks for dropping by my blog!