Monday, March 30, 2020

Japan 2019: Osaka + Kobe

And here we are on the last leg of my Kyoto-Osaka trip! I'm a bit tired writing at this point lol (this is my fourth post today), so I'm just going to list what we did on the last leg of our trip:

- ate ramen at Ichiran
- went to Osaka Castle and rode the Osaka-jo Gozabune boat
- went up the Umeda Sky Building
- had fluffy french toast at Hoshino Coffee
-had yummy unlimited sushi at this random place in Dotonbori 
- took pictures with the Glico man and shopped at Don Quixote
- ate Kobe beef (AMAZING!!- worth a trip to Kobe)
-had lots and lots of Gyudon
- was treated steak because it was my friend's birthday

Now that I think about it, it seemed like we did nothing but eat, eat, and eat! Haha. Until next time!


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