Monday, April 6, 2020

Spartan Race 2019 Alviera

I joined the Spartan Race twice before-- I did the Sprint (6km) in Alviera and the Super (13km) in RD Hill. Training for the race takes a lot of time, patience and dedication, which can sometimes be hard to juggle with work. I decided to join the Spartan Race one last time, the Beast (22km + 30 obstacles) in Alviera last October. 

For my training, I woke up at five to run in the mornings. And on the days that I didn't run, I went to the gym to lift some weights. It was difficult and tiring, but definitely a lot of fun! 

It was incredibly hot on the day of the race, and there were some areas where there was no shade at all. Towards the end of the race, I barely had enough strength to walk. Finishing the Beast was such an achievement for me because I hate running! Also, on this race, I got to convince my brother to join me. Passes for Sprint were sold out so I signed him up for 21km Trail instead.

I'm very thankful for my gym friends who trained and raced with me, and which made the experience much more enjoyable (our group photo at the bottom of this post)!


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