Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Let's start from the beginning. I went home to Legazpi and brought my Macbook Pro, thinking I'll be able to blog regularly during my stay here. On my first day, I inserted the Sun Broadband into my laptop so I can check my mail, blog and Facebook updates. It was installed properly but it can't detect a signal. Eventually, I gave up, I turned it off and decided to surf the net using another laptop. After a while, I wanted to edit the photos for my next blog post and surprisingly, it won't turn on properly anymore. It just kept on loading, showing the apple logo and the spinning gear. Tried almost everything but to no avail! The worst part is, my sister also inserted the Sun Broadband into my dad's Macbook Air before we found out about the problem. And now,we have two NON-WORKING AND NON-USABLE MACBOOKS.

We searched the net and found out that this problem has been experienced by other Macbook users. Their advice was to bring it to a Power Mac Center. And that's what I'm gonna do- as if I have a choice, right? What bothers me most is my files there. I transferred all the photos from our Hongkong trip there and I have no backup. I never expected this to happen to my MBP because it's fairly new and was working perfectly until now. All those photos are really important to me because it's for this blog. I worked so hard for it and became so excited to be able to post everything here. I even said that it's okay to post the photos during Day 1 (in Hongkong)  even though I'm not very satisfied with it because the following photos will be better. Now I'm stuck with ugly photos from Day 1!

I really hope that there were at least some words of caution to Macbook users regarding this issue. This is very inconvenient, like, for example in my case. There are no Power Mac Centers here in Legazpi and I have to wait to go back to Manila to have it fixed. Me bringing it here turned out to be a very bad idea. I'm very much disappointed with this and I hope Sun Broadband will do its very best for others not to have this same problem as me.

I'm sorry for all the negative vibes. I feel like I just have to let everything out.

(Photo from the internet.)


  1. :c I hope the Power Mac Center will be able to recover your files. When are you coming back to Manila?

  2. Chill out Lis, it's gonna be ok. Sue Sun!!! :))

  3. WOW, that sucks!!! sue them if you cant recover your files, they cant go on selling broadband that destroys macs like that!!
    XOXO Kasia

  4. I'm just hoping for the best. I'll be going to Manila this Saturday and I'll head straight to Power Mac Center to have the Macbooks fixed.

  5. i had the same scenario yesterday. i closed the lid of my MBP while the sun broadband is on. next time i know, it doesn't detect on my other usb port. i tried uninstalling and reinstalling but to no avail. upon researching it on the net, some people said to just open it via mpkg file and restart. tried doing that but nothing happened. i didn't restart though. some also said to try reinstalling some apps that pertains to rosetta uding the dvd that comes along with the MBP. i haven't done that yet. i will do that when i got home. worse, some said to just buy a new one.