Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Stop and Smell the Flowers (HK Day 4)

Most of the photos were shot at Kowloon Park and the others were taken throughout the day while I was walking around random places. At first, I was wearing my brown Janylin ankle boots (see last two photos of this post) but I had to change to my trusty black F21 leather boots because my feet hurt too much.  

For you, which pair of boots looks better with my outfit? :)

This is me with my brother, Chase.

Mango jacket
Terranova top
DIY shorts
SM Dept store knee high stockings
Forever 21 leather boots


  1. loving your ankle boots alyssa :)) but your f21 boots matches your outfit :) pretty pretty lang!

  2. Oh, i miss HongKong) Beautiful city!) Love your blog!